Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: Day 306 - 312

This week, we had lots of house guests. Jon and I love the fellowship, but our home is due for some major cleaning! 

Project 365: Day 306 (1.23.11) - Day 312 (1.29.11)

  • I completely dislike E.T.. I always had nightmare after nightmare of that creature when I was little. Uh, those eyes...
  • Jon and I would one day like to have two little bambino's. Our current favorite names are Darci & Soren. 
  • I always save room for dessert. 


  1. I have that Rocky Horror album! It was my dad's! :]

  2. Chelsea - Haha! I love Rocky Horror too much. It's a great album to have!

  3. you are so cute, one of my friends also hates ET