Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspiration for Your Nest: Wallpaper

In the past, wallpaper has gotten a bad reputation. Fortunately for us, wallpaper is back! -- I've found some stunning wallpaper lately and I'm so inspired by the use of shine, color, and bold graphics. Not wanting to paper a whole room? Try just an accent wall that needs a little pop! :)

Hoot Hoot!
Blue & White
Gold Goodness
Shiny Flowers
If you could wallpaper any room in your home, where would it be?? 


  1. Anonymous15.8.11

    *Gasp* a whole new world of wallpaper!! I've seen some cuties lately, but these definitely take the cake! If I could wallpaper any room, it'd have to be our dining area.

  2. I'd wallpaper my back kitchen wall. I'm also in the process of diy wallpapering one of my living room walls with old maps. It's been so much fun.

    xo, rv

  3. Oh so lovely...hmm just one room??? I think I would probably do it in my craft room. I want all of my home to be lovely, but most especially the place where I create!

  4. loving that first one!

  5. I love these uses of wallpaper! Wallpaper does have a negative reputation, which is so sad because all of these photos show such beautiful and unique ways to use it. I'm in an temporary college apartment but I would love to use wallpaper in my house someday!

  6. I love wallpaper! I'm dreaming of a feature wall using vintage wallpaper, one day~

  7. These are beautiful wallpaper designs! I so wish I could wallpaper my dorm...hahah Ahh the limitations of living in a dorm. Anyways, if I had to go all out on wallpaper-ing, I would so do the bathroom. It's random, and it'll make all those toilet adventures more exciting!

  8. owl wallpaper! <3.
    I love wallpaper so much, I'm so happy it made a comeback!

  9. I love it on an accent wall. We almost did one wall in our living room but changed our minds at the last minute. I think we were too afraid to commit.

    ♥ sécia

  10. that dog in the one picture made me LOL. he's like oh hey whats up! hahaha.. i actually like wallpaper, but everyone does give it a bad name!

  11. I love all of these wallpapers. Bright and fun patterns are always my favorite though. They add so much character and life to a room!