Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photographs: Kelsie & Jacob

Last weekend, my little sister Kelsie asked me to take photos of her with her boyfriend at the park. I was really happy with how some of them came out and I wanted to share one with you!

Aren't they adorable? :) -- I love being able to spend some time behind the camera. I've worn out my current camera since I got it last Christmas and I'm looking to upgrade to an SLR soon! -- Just keeping my eye out for a good deal and researching good camera lenses. Have any suggestions??

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  1. I just got a Canon Rebel, pretty entry level but I love it! And, I got it on sale so it was only $400. The lens that has given me my best results is the 50mm f/1.8. It is really affordable and pretty incredible. I have found it online for about $116. Good Luck lady!

    Lovely and sweet photo.


  2. Anonymous25.8.11

    Aww, they are so adorable and this is a great photograph!


  3. Excellent photo!!! What a cute couple and whoa, I love your sis' hair color!!!

    I've also been looking for a new camera, so unfortunately I don't have any advice. :( But I hope you find one perfect for you!

  4. agree with the cheap 50mm lens. it works wonders and has amazing reviews.
    xox dana

  5. Aw, this photo is really beautiful!