Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Threads: 8.24.11

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I just realized I haven't shown off my new do yet! It's probably for the best; a new haircut always needs a little grow-out time. :) I cut it extra short this time around (for me anyway) and I had the colorist, Heather, do a slight ombre effect because I like the tips around my face to be lighter. I definitely love how easy it is to wash and style...I don't think I could ever go back to my super long hair again. It's hard to have curly hair and really have a "hairstyle", so having it shorter really gives me the opportunity to have it cut into a "shape" and work with a fun look. :) I've seriously thought about going Emma Watson, but I don't think my features would be best suited for something so pixie.

Moving on from the hair and onto the outfit...this is my new favorite shirt of all time! I love it's length and I love how I can layer it over dresses to create a fun look. And the precious. :) I always had it in my mind that I couldn't wear cream colors, because I'm so fair, but I've really grown to embrace my fair skin and I love how the cream gives me a soft look. Yay for the color cream!

Top - Bottom (pricing is approximate)
* Cream Crochet Tunic: Buffalo Exchange - $20.00
* Brown Plaid Dress (underneath): Urban Outfitters - $25.00
* Cream Polka Dot Tights: Target - $7.50
* Brown Ankle Oxfords: Forever21 - $24.50
* Braided Belt: Thrifted - $3.50
* Cocktail Ring: Forever21 - Gifted
* Van D'GO Nail Color: Essie - $8.00

>>-------> Approximate Outfit Total (including accessories) = $88.50


  1. Love it! Your hair is adorable!

  2. Anonymous24.8.11

    You are super adorable! I have curly hair too and I just got it cut short. It really is so much better than my long hair. I love the lace top in you as well!


  3. Super cute! Love your curls!

  4. I'm so sad that top is one of a kind! But great for you! It's gorgeous!

  5. i love the new do soooo much, very fitting on you. i loved playing with my hair when it was short. and the ring is lovely. i have my eye on one of your sparkly rings... :)

  6. Really cute outfit! And hair! <3

  7. I love it!! Your style rocks too :)
    hi from your newest follower!
    xo dana

  8. I LOVE the ring! Your hair looks so cute Savvy!

  9. Love the top, I'm looking for one similar. Really like how you have layered it over the dress!

    Your hair looks cute, lovely style I would like to go that short but I don't know if it would suit me :)

  10. That top is simply gorgeous! And I love your great!

  11. Anonymous24.8.11

    Awww I love the new haircut! Does it dry naturally that way with the curls or did you do something special? I'm so terrible when it comes to doing something cute with my hair. mind is about the same length and has natural wave but not curl-any tips?

  12. I love it! Your curls are so pretty! And I think your lace top is gorgeous.

  13. I have not been nice woven lace <3
    To the point of making it big and stylish accessories.

  14. Your hair is wonderful! I love that style! And you're right, that shirt is really something!