Thursday, August 18, 2011

ListoGraphy: Seven Things Here & There

My friend Meredith, from One Sheepish Girl, did a cute blog post called "7 Things". I thought this would be a perfect prompt for my ListoGraphy feature and let you get to know me a little better!

7 Places I Would Like to Visit:
* Tokyo Disney!
* Alaska - Maybe even an Alaskan Cruise?
* Colorado - Got my taste of snow skiing last year and I'm dying to give Colorado a try.
* I'd like to go back to Austria and visit Vienna & Salzburg again.
* Paris.
* New Zealand; I'd love to just live there for a season.
* New York! I haven't been yet and I'd love to see a show on Broadway!

7 Things I Would Like to Make:
* I want to make everything in the Design*Sponge at Home book (an it hasn't even been released yet!--but I know I'll love everything.)
* I want to make my own skirts-- something a-line and flowy.
* I want to make THIS s'mores cake. I die.
* ONE DAY, not too soon...I'd like to make//design//put together a beautiful little nursery for my future little one. :)
* I would like to make something extraordinary of myself.
* I would like to make//write//design a book or two!
* I would like to make my own nail polish.

7 People I'd Like to Meet (Dead or Alive):
* Bri Embry of DESIGNLOVEFEST; I'd like to grab coffee and pick her design brain.
* Emma Stone, just because she's hilarious and I know she'd be great company.
* Anne Shoket, Editor of Seventeen Magazine...I have always loved Seventeen and I've ALWAYS dreamed of working for a magazine. I'd love to talk with Anne about her career.
* The Red Velvet Girls, let's have lunch! I'd love to hear their stories and future ambitions//advice.
* Jessica Hische; I almost met this type-design genius and I'm hoping to get another chance sometime in this life.
* Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.
* Regina Spektor; I'm always in love with her music.

7 Things I Would Like to Own:
* Fancy SLR and some great lenses.
* Light blue Thunderbird with white leather interior.
* A statement Victorian//vintage inspired blue velvet couch with a tall backing (for the tall husband of course).
* A house.
* Collection of vintage dresses.
* Big Chill Fridge
* All the classic 90s Nickelodeon shows on DVD

7 Things That Annoy Me:
* Old scratchy towels (the feeling...guuaah).
* Rage-filled drivers.
* The name Billy.
* No matter how much laundry I do, there's always more laundry!
* The Student Loan Corporation.
* Passive-Aggressiveness
* Thinking you have a certain food item in your cabinet, getting excited about it, and realizing it's not really there. :(

7 Films I Love:
* Moulin Rouge
* Enchanted
* Easy A
* Alien
* 500 Days of Summer
* Yes Man
* Hook

7 Funny Words:
* Feud-la-whaa - a word I made up which means your just a horrible person. Don't be a Feudlawhaa!
* Moist
* Soupy - another word I made up which means you're lovable and adorable.
* Gnash
* Poopies
* Bunion
* Canoodle

Do you have a seven things post?? Link up! I'd love to read it. :)


  1. ok so I bought the entire seasons of Doug on DVD... well my brother bought it for me. he found this pirated version on the internet and it is so GHETTO but so fabulous because who doesn't love Doug and Patty Mayonaise? It's like the ultimate love story :)

  2. Anonymous18.8.11

    Love Red Velvet! I'm fortunate enough to live in the town where their shop is located, and it's my absolute favorite place to go when I have time to myself!

  3. 90's Nickelodeon! They had seriously some of the best shows I've watched in my childhood. Doug, All That, and of course my favorite...Hey Arnold! Seriously, I had like a Hey Arnold phase last year and I couldn't stop watching episodes on YouTube before they got taken down.
    And I would so love to meet Regina Spektor as well. Her music is such a different flavor from all the mainstream I'm flooded with on the radio.

  4. love your blog! so cute!

  5. I love the lists, and I think it's really good to write these kind of things down too. I love Regina Spektor, she is so talented.

  6. I'm from Colorado so loving that one. :) Loving your favorite movies list too.

    ♥ sécia

  7. I cannot agree more about the Nickelodeon shoes of the 90’s. While it looks like they’re finally going to release Hey Dude! on DVD, their formal collections of their other shows are woefully incomplete (for instance, still no season three of the Adventures of Pete and Pete and they have yet to release a version of season four of Doug that has all the episodes) and the quality of the DVDs themselves is kinda crummy. Methinks I might have to become a pirate soon…

  8. Haha I love the word canoodle! I also would love to meet the Red Velvet girls! and the Oh So Lovely girls as well! That cake looks like heaven.

  9. oooh! making your own nail polish. I would also like to meet the RV girls!

  10. Yay! I'm so glad you snagged this from me! Can we go cruising around in that Thunderbird when you own one someday?? ;-)

  11. I love these posts! I just did something similar on my blog, with five facts about me. I might have to do a 'seven things' post someday soon!

    I want to make my own skirts too. Maybe a nice long gauzy one for summer~

  12. Had to do it:

    ♥ sécia

  13. I got in on this too :) Here is mine

    x krystie

  14. Here's mine:

    ❤ amber