Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Disney Princesses in Accurate Period Costume

I came across these beautiful illustrations by Claire Hummel and just HAD to share. I'm a huge Disney fan and I love Hummel's portrayal of how the princesses would be accurately dressed during their time period...

Snow White: Based on early 16th century Germany
Sleeping Beauty: Based on year 1485
Pocahontas: Based on 17th century Powhatan costume 
Cinderella: Dress based on mid-1860s
Jasmine: Based on rare drawings of pre-Islamic Middle Eastern fashion
Ariel: Dress based on 1890s evening gown fashion
Belle: Dress based on 1770s French court fashion

Aren't they stunning?! I so want to go to Disney now. :) See more of Hummel's beautiful work here


  1. i love anything disney - this is fantastic!

  2. These are great! I'm so happy you shared.

  3. These are fab! thanks for sharing!

  4. How neat!!
    I love this!!!

  5. this is amazing! thank you for posting these!

  6. Anonymous12.10.11

    These are amazing! They look better than the originals I reckon =) x

  7. I love Disney, gorgeous clothing and especially time period clothing! I've seen these before and I love them so much - her art is gorgeous! (Also, Jasmine! <3 I love that outfit. So comfy looking!)

  8. girl I adore these pictures. I love Pocahantas. her curves make me feel so normal :). ha ha

  9. These are amazing.

    ♥ sécia

  10. I love ALL things Disney! I was raised in Florida, so it was our go-to vacation. Now we are in Colorado, so who knows when I'll get back down there :( I want to see pictures of your Disney honeymoon!

  11. Wow these are great! She is so talented! I am definitely checking out her work!