Monday, October 31, 2011

MaieDae Graphics: Holiday Blog Design Special!

Jenny and I are SO excited to be able to offer a blog design special this holiday season! The beginning of the year is a perfect time to make a resolution to start blogging or set new goals for your current blog. We would LOVE to assist you in designing a brand new inspirational space for your blogging journey!

Whether you are a new or seasoned blogger, 2012 is a perfect time to give your blog a little facelift for the new year! We are excited to offer a very special holiday blog design discount during the months of November & December! We will only reserve 15 slots at the discounted price, so be sure to reserve yours soon! 

Here’s what the Holiday Blog Design Package Includes:
* Assistance Developing a Style Concept
* Re-Design of Colors, Font, & Layout
* Custom Banner
* Custom Background
* Welcome Photo
* Navigation Buttons
* One 200x150 Widget with HTML Coding
* Link buttons for Social Networks
* Custom Signature for Blog Posts
* Installation

(Our usual facelift package runs for $150.00 and does not include social network buttons and a custom signature, so your total savings is $50.00!)

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Q. What platforms do you design on?
A. We are currently only designing on the blogger platform.

Q. How do I reserve a spot?
A. Please email me at, letting me know you would like to reserve a holiday special spot. I will reply with more information about our process and your set of homework questions, as well as an invoice for 60% of the payment. Once you have paid the invoice, your spot will be secured. 

Q. After I reserve a spot, when will my blog design be complete?
A. We will run the blog designs on a first come, first serve basis. The first few to reserve their spots will have their designs started first and so on. Jenny and I will both be working through the designs together and if we reserve all 15, we plan to be complete with all designs no later than the end of February. 

Q. How do I pay for my blog design?
A. All invoices will be sent via Paypal. 60% of the payment is expected up front and the final 40% will be due before final installation.

Q. Can I see more samples of your work before I decide?
A. Certainly! I have several samples contained in the Graphic Design portion of my blog as well as samples in the Design Shoppe. :)

Q. What if I want to add more design elements to the holiday package?
A. You can certainly do that! We have a whole list of menu items you can add to your package for fair rates if you decide to do so.

Q. I have more questions before making a final decision, what is the best way for me ask?
A. You are welcome to either leave a comment with your questions below or send me an email at with your inquiry.

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We will begin reserving spots today and will continue through the end of December! :) Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Happy early holidays!!

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