Thursday, October 20, 2011

Solo Feature: Manzanita + 50% off Coupon!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Hello MaieDae readers! My name is Rebecca Caridad. I am the lady behind Manzanita, which is a blog, an etsy shop, and soon to be everything else I love to do like photography, art, and music blog. I live in Boulder, CO, with my fiancé and two very small dogs, where we get to enjoy the mountains, easily attainable organic foods, and the company of my family that just recently moved right down the street from us!

2. What made you decide to start your shop & blog?
Well, I have always done fiber art and one day, someone said, “I love this, you should sell it!” When I found out about Etsy and realized how user friendly it was, I became really excited to have a place to collect all my little goodies. At first it was mostly just for fun, but now I really feel inspired to make a career out of this.

The blog came later. The blogosphere is this amazing resource for small business owners. I originally started the blog to help promote the shop but since then it has evolved into this huge part of my life. It has inspired me to pay more attention to the aesthetics of what I do and where I do it. It has also helped make amazing connections with other crafty and talented people all over the world, which is crazy! I have people I call my friends who live in Portugal and The Netherlands, I love it. And, it has gotten me back into photography, which I am completely in love with!

3. What are your favorite things to blog about?
I really enjoy photographing a whole day. I recently visited the Bay area and it was so nice to be able to share all the beautiful places we visited. To be able to make each day, or place, a whole event is such a gift. Now we have those memories captured in this very pretty and organized way.

 I have also recently gotten into outfit posts, which I had a pretty strong aversion to at first. I did not understand why so many bloggers were doing them. But now I realize that for me it is this great opportunity to play dress up, it inspires me not to just wear jeans and a t-shirt to work, and it is a really fun way to promote other peoples' merchandise. I really like to include other people in my outfit posts, especially guys. There are not enough men in the blogosphere, so I always drag my brother or fiancé in with me. :)

4. What are your favorite things to make for your shop? 
I love to make it all! The Elsie is a big hit right now and I have to say it is one of my favorites. Of course, bows are always adorable and fun to make. My cocktail hats are so fun to wear and I absolutely love to get appreciation photos of my sweet customers wearing these.

I recently came out with some fall items, like ear warmers, and I have so much more planned for the cold season. There are pages and pages of designs that my little hands just can’t crochet fast enough. I really love fiber art.

5. Favorite pass-time?
Besides crocheting, I really love painting, drawing, western calligraphy. Although, I feel like I don’t have very much time to enjoy doing these lately. I love, love to sing and twinkle on my ukulele. I write little songs for my fiancé Dustin.

I love to read, which is hard when your hands are always occupied, so I have taken to listening to audio books. Audible is a god send.

6. What is on your current wish-list?
I really would love this lens. I go to the camera store just to play with it all the time. This bag has been on my wish list for some time now. I would also love a pair of these Darlingtonia apple moccasins.

7. Favorite blog reads?
I have so many! My daily reads has the complete list, but recently I have been really enjoying these:

Tick Tock Vintage
Keiko Lynn
A Beautiful Mess 
Eva Foreva 
Skunkboy Creatures 
The Velvet Bird

8. If you had three wishes, what would they be?
My three wishes would be:
(1) That I could work full-time from home and still have enough money to get my decaf almond milk bhakti chai every day. :)

(2) That it does not rain or snow on Dustin's and my wedding day next year and that it is crafty and beautiful.

(3) And just for fun, I wish Dustin and I could teleport so we could travel to Budapest or Cuba for the night whenever we like. :)

9. What's your favorite part about fall?
Everything! It is my favorite time of year. I get very nostalgic and inspired. I love how everything looks so crisp and colorful. I love the clothes, the food, and the weather. It is perfect for taking our little dogs on long walks with a hot tea in hand. I seriously love this time of year.

10. What inspires you the most?
I would say other people inspire me most; other crafty ladies doing what I do and being awesome at it is a huge motivation for me to keep doing what I am doing. I love to see other people going for it; pursuing their passion, whatever that may be. I think we are in the middle of this awesome handmade and entrepreneurial revolution and it is so exciting!  I am so happy to be a part of it.

Find Rebecca Here:

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Coupon Time! -- Rebecca is graciously offering MaieDae readers the chance to get 50% OFF their order in her beautiful shop using coupon code: MAIEDAE. Hello early Christmas shopping!!

Thank you, Rebecca, for a wonderful interview and an amazing coupon for your shop!! I can't wait to pick a goodie out for myself! :)


  1. Great Interview! I always enjoy reading Rebecca's blog and to get to know more about her here is perfect!

  2. OH wow, I love that grey braided headband/wrap. And what a great bag she has on her wish list.

  3. What a sweet lady. I'll definitely be a new blog reader of hers and just gifted myself with some new fall and winter treats for doing so well on my midterms. So excited.

  4. What an absolutely lovely interview!!!

  5. That bow scarf is PRECIOUS, running off to heart everything on etsy,

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. Yay, I bought myself a gift. With the cold air we've been having in GA lately I want all things warm looking! ;D

  7. I love her work. So pretty and dainty :).


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