Friday, October 14, 2011


I am so thankful. 

I recently found out that I have severely abnormal (pre-cancerous) cells on a spot that was recently removed from my back. I went in this past Tuesday to have surgery and remove any cells in the area that might cause problems later. I've been resting, sleeping, working a little, and taking it easy this week. To me, my healing 2.5 inch scar represents mercy and my thankfulness that it was caught and taken care of before becoming too serious.

I'm not one to lay out in the sun or attempt to get tan. I certainly had to learn to embrace my fair skin at an early age. Encountering this skin problem was a huge surprise to me, but has really made me aware of taking good care of my myself and going to the dermatologist annually. 

I am extremely grateful for such a sweet husband that takes care of me, helps me stay comfortable, changes my bandages twice a day, and sat with me during the procedure to keep my mind off of what was going on. I'm grateful for my family who calls and prays for me. I'm thankful for my sweet friend, Jenny who brought me flowers and key lime pie! Dessert is always the key to my heart. :) 

Stitches are coming out in two weeks and I can't wait to get a good back rub!

I should be back into the MaieDae swing of things very soon. I've got a lot of really exciting things planned for the remainder of the year and I can't wait to share! I truly appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers, and support. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. so glad it wasn't anything more serious. take care!! thinking of you..

  2. many prayers and love sent to you! so thankful that it was caught at a really early stage and that you are recovering.

  3. sending lots of love and prayers your way - take care, sweetie!

    that photo of you is STUNNING. <3

  4. I'm glad you're healing and taking it easy. I had almost the same exact procedure done when I was a senior in high school. My mom had then just recently gone through a battle with Melanoma and beat it, so I was very thankful to have my back taken care of early on.

  5. Anonymous14.10.11

    I'm sending lots of prayer your way! I hope you have a very fast recovery. I'm very happy your hubby is taking care of you, the best TLC is when it comes from the person you love. I wish you the best!

  6. Oh Savannah! I'm sending good thoughts your way! I've been dealing with some potentially serious health issues lately and I can understand your feelings. In a flash we see the truly important parts of life and the delicacy of good health. I'm glad you're getting lots of love and support! :) Take care, girl.

  7. I'm so glad to hear that you found out about the abnormality before the it had the chance to develop any further- you are in my thoughts and prayers! Best wishes, dear!

  8. So glad to hear that they caught it early and were able to remove it before it caused any problems. Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon!
    - Mandi

  9. praise God you were able to catch it.
    I have a weird thing going on with my legs right now.
    it's like scabby raised hair follicles and
    I need to go see if it is something serious. Reading stuff like this always reminds me that there is time and God is willing. I'm glad you are healing and suffering a bit now so that you wouldn't have to suffer longer later :).

    Thanks for sharing girl.


  10. I hope you are fully recovered soon my dear!!
    I am so glad that they caught this early and that you are healthy + well!!
    Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you!

  11. This are such great news. I am happy you didn't had to go through more. I am sure you'll recover in no time:D Be happy and enjoy life dear(: