Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week, Jon and I hosted a Halloween get-together with our friends. Everyone came dressed up, we ate snacks, played games, had deep was a fantastic time. :) This is my favorite time of year! I love the fall weather, Thanksgiving, warm clothing...and most of all, Christmas!

I spent Saturday morning working with Jenny on an upcoming MaieDae event that will be really exciting (more info coming soon!) and then I headed over to my parents' house to help my little sister get ready for homecoming. Jon and I stayed up way too late last night watching our latest show and ended up sleeping in really late this morning. It's been a kinda lazy day, but I'm VERY excited about this coming week, because on Thursday, I'm flying out to Seattle to visit one of my best friends, Anica! I can't wait! :)

Snapshot of the Week: Jon and I dressed up as Brad and Janet from Rocky Horror. Love this man. ;)

Five Favorite Posts this Week:
* Kitty Elbow Patch DIY by A is for Ampersand 
* Kaelah's Cocktail Hour: New Old Lady by Little Chief Honeybee 
* Halloween Music for an Elegantly Erie Party by Here's Lookin at Me Kid

Three Things About Yours Truly:
* I go through neutral color phases in my wardrobe. In college it was black and now it's grey and cream. 
* I REALLY want to get the game Clue for Christmas.
* Speaking of Christmas, I'm trying to convince Jon to let me start decorating in early November. ;)

Videoclip of the Week: For all you photo editors out there...this is amazing!! 


  1. I can't wait to see what's coming next for MaieDae. I have a friend that is supposed to email you about a blog design. She loves mine so much! I also have been loving cream lately. Have a great week. xo, rv

  2. Looks like so much fun! I am working hard making ornaments for Christmas already! -Amy

  3. you look so pretty! sounds like a fun party, i must have lost my invite :)

  4. Y'all look great!!! Also, my current favorite color combo is gray and mustard. <3 I actually made a whole blog post about those colors, haha. I definitely go through various color combo lust!

  5. I love the costumes. I go through color phases like that too. Usually though, during the cold months, I always just want to wear black.


  6. I really would like Clue too!! :)
    HAve a wonderful Halloween!! xo