Monday, July 23, 2012


I think it may have started last year, when I had Thanksgiving for the first time at Uncle Harby's (Jon's Uncle). He had a stunning bar cart in his parlor//family room. It had a beautiful piece of artwork hanging over the perfectly set cart with crystal decanters. To me, the whole scene was out of a magazine. This quickly became one of the things I started dreaming up for our new home.

At first, I was pretty set on having a separate cart dedicated to beverages, but the more I thought about our dining room space, the more I realized it might be best to create a bar cart area on a buffet table using a decorative tray, favorite drinks, mixing tools and glassware. Jon and I aren't the biggest fan of adult drinks, but we do enjoy something special mixed up every now and then...especially when we have guests or a dinner party. A lot of our friends enjoy wine and mixed drinks during special occasions, so we thought it would be great to have a "bar cart" area stocked with goodies for guests. :) I love looking at bar cart inspiration. I feel like there are so many ways you can make it a useful and attractive area in your home//dining room.

1// Bar Cart Rehab - I love the gold accents on this cart. I think using a gold tray would be beautiful to put everything on. That pop of color in the artwork and on the cart also add a lot to the neutral colors.

2// Matte Porcelain Cup - Beautiful color pops for wine or blended drinks.

3// Baby Got Brass - Classy, vintage and glam. A perfect combo.

4// Color Palette - I think I might prefer the colors this cart combo is giving off: still a "pop", but a little more subtle than the hot pink.

5// Sneak Peek - This is my favorite! I think this is exactly what I'm imagining for the dining room. A "bar cart" section on the buffet table. Beautiful.

6// Wood & Glass - Every "bar cart" needs a beautiful decanter, whether it's to store wine or other liquors. I love these wood and glass ones from West Elm.

7// Vintage - The first decanter I found was at an antique store, I think it might be more for decoration but I love the look of vintage decanters.

What are your "musts" for completing the perfect bar cart??


  1. Love the bar cart look! It's a greatbstatement piece.


  2. Oh my goodness, I love the first one. So cute!


  3. 2 and 4 are so beautiful! it's a great idea, I'm gonna be keeping an eye out in antique shops and flea markets for one of my own - there's something so Mad Men-meets-Downtown Abbey about the idea :D

  4. Anonymous27.7.12

    I've been talking to my husband lately about when we finally get settled in our own place I want to have a mini bar! These are soo cute! I want the bottles on number 6!

  5. LOVE the first one!!!