Sunday, July 22, 2012


This weekend, Jon and I went to a fondu party with friends on Friday evening, we spent Saturday morning with our family, Saturday evening resting up, and ALL day today packing! We've got about 90% of everything we need packed and we're SO ready to move in 5 days! Thursday we are having the walk-thru, getting our keys, and signing the lease. Friday we are taking car loads and cleaning and Saturday we will be clearing out the entire apartment with our moving truck. We are trying to keep on top of things so we don't get too stressed out about the move. But most of all, we are so excited! I have a feeling it will be hard to focus on work this week. ;)

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Rainy day. 2// My new favorite book, Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr! 3// Barnes n Noble trip with sister and mom. 4// New earrings from Roots & Feathers!

5 Favorite Posts:
* Sneak Peak: Raya Carlisle by Design*Sponge
* Mystery Preacher by Indie Jane
* 6 iPhone Apps for Better Blogging by Alt
* Calligraphy Fonts from Magpie Paperworks by Besotted Brand
* DIY: Painted Shelves by DesignLoveFest

Favorite Blog of the Week:
Smile & Wave - Love this crafty, vintage loving mama.

Inspiring Me this Week:
Kris Carr - I'm only just a little bit into her book, Crazy Sexy Diet, but I love it so far! She has an amazing story and is so inspiring! I love that's she's all about a living a continually healthy lifestyle and not temporary "fad" dieting.

3 Things About Your Truly:
* Currently watching Pretty Little Liars while I write this.
* Wore my PJs the entire day.
* Craving spicy hummus.


  1. i love allll of this. great post, girl.

    love, rach.

  2. Hello there! I'm a new reader, also from Georgia. We just finished moving as well! We previously lived in a town home for about 4 years and moved into a smaller apartment - so lots of downsizing, throwing away stuff, giving it away etc etc. Good luck with your move! - Sunshine

  3. How exciting! I hope the move goes well and you settle in well.


  4. Anonymous23.7.12

    nice post.i like it. :) Irene Wibowo