Monday, July 02, 2012


Only 25 more days until we make the big move to our new condo! I've been collecting boxes from work so we can start some of our packing this week. I'm also excited about my first official purchase for the dining room makeover! Last week, the chandelier I wanted went on sale, so I snagged it up and saved 20%! It's on back-order, so I'll probably get it by mid-July, which will be perfect timing for our move. :)

As mentioned in this post and this post, we are keeping our focus on the dining room first and working to complete the decorating there, before working on any other rooms. One of the features I would love to have in the dining room is an art wall to offset the neutral pieces and add in the touch of color. I've already been collecting a few pieces to hang, but have been trying to put together a good collection of art that looks great as a whole. Here are a couple pieces I'm thinking about for the dining room:
1// Home Sweet Home - I'd like some type of "Home Sweet Home" print, maybe a little different from this?? I like the coloring in this one and I think it comes in a small size which would be good to offset some of the larger pieces.

2// Strong Beautiful Brave - I've found myself drawn to artwork with some type of typography in them. I think they just feel more moving to me. I've been a fan of Nan Lawson's work for sometime and I loved the beautiful blue in this piece.

3// Yes Ma'am - I currently have this print. I've been in love with Jordan's artwork since I met her last year at Indie Craft Parade. She made custom paper dolls of Jon and me awhile back, and I just had to pick up this print. I love the color and contrast in this piece.

4// I Love My Family - This piece is just beautiful. I love the words and simpleness of it.

5// The Lovers - Another print by Beauchamping. I also like that it's simple and the heartbeat creates a really nice graphical element.

6// Lightening Bolt - I haven't found this piece for sale, but I think it would be fun to DIY a couple simple patterns in gold to go with the art cluster.

7// Quilted Fox - I also have this piece, I'm not sure if I'll end up putting it in the dining room, but I kinda like how it looks with the blue and peachy piece.

Once I get there I'll probably have to lay everything out and play around with the order to find the right feng shui for the art wall. ;) What are some of your favorite pieces of art? I'd love to hear your suggestions. I'm always on the lookout for great art. :)


  1. I love those! Especially #2 and #3. I love typography prints as well...

    Christen :>

  2. Anonymous2.7.12

    Your new home is gong to be just lovely. I love all the prints, especially the "home sweet home" one.

  3. Very nice! And they definitely make a great collection<3

  4. How exciting! Boyfriend and I just moved into our new house we bought. Unpacking is a never ending process! But it's so much fun to decorate new homes. Best of luck!


  5. These prints are absolutely beautiful, both separately and together. Each is uniquely lovely in its own way, but they make such a beautiful, cohesive statement when shown as a collection. Your new place is going to be just beautiful. So full of life and love and creativity. I cannot WAIT to see what you do with the place! As stressful as packing up and moving can be, unpacking and decorating and organizing a brand new space can be SO much fun.

  6. That fox is ADORABLE!

  7. Anonymous5.7.12

    You inspired me to do a wellness and writing post, Savannah! Hope you enjoy. I also linked to you.

  8. Anonymous9.7.12

    I can't wait to see what your dining room looks like after all of these posts. Hopefully we'll see pictures :)

    I'm currently inspired by the thought of taking a quote that I really like and a fun font and making some artwork myself, that way I know I'm going to get exactly what I want.