Monday, June 18, 2012


Last week I shared the floor plans for the condo that Jon and I are moving into at the end of July. We are planning a room-by-room decorating process for the new place instead of working a little on rooms here and there. Our first priority room is the dining room. We LOVE entertaining guests and usually have guests over at least once a week. We currently don't have any type of dining area in our apartment, except for a little bar area and a small fold out table. Our new entertainment area, including the living and dining area, is so much better for hosting a group of people. We can't wait to put together a nice dining area. :) I've been working on an inspiration board, planning paint colors and decor so I can budget everything out before we make our purchases.
One of the most important dining room pieces, in my opinion, is the table. I feel like a table decision can really make or break the dining room space. I'm looking for something durable, easy to clean, kid friendly, people friendly, rustic, and unique. Here are some of my top choices:

1// Emerson Dining Table: West Elm - $999.00 ---> This is the first table that caught my eye. I saw this in person at West Elm and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. It's a little pricey for my budget, but I love the way it looks. I like that it's a pedestal table so I can fit more people around it if I need to. My only concern is how rustic it is, I'm wondering if it will be easy enough to clean and splitter-free.

2// Reclaimed Table: Design*Sponge Sneak Peek ---> This table was made from reclaimed wood on a metal frame. I like the idea of making a table, but I might be leaning more toward purchasing a table. 

3// Blox Dining Table: CB2 - $499.00 ---> I really love this table. This might be my first choice AND I love the alternate facing legs. Just enough rustic with a unique touch, yet still simple enough to be a good neutral piece. 

4// Re-Finished Table: Decor8 ---> Before I started looking into the more wooden, rustic tables, I thought about just re-painting a thrifted table and pairing it with some mixed-matched chairs. While I think the look of #4 is amazing, I'm really wanting something a little more sophisticated. AND I tend to change my taste a lot, so I feel like I might need something more neutral that will work with its ever-changing surroundings. :) 

5// Industrial Dining Table: West Elm - $799.00 ---> I love the simplicity of this table. I'm also a huge fan of the rustic//industrial look. I'm a little concerned that this table may not be sturdy enough. 

6// Greyson Dining Table: World Market - $699.00 ---> Jon and I looked at this table this weekend. Jon was a fan of it, but we weren't huge fans of the legs. They're a little too traditional looking for our taste. 

Exciting! I'm hoping to purchase our table in mid-July, so it'll be ready to put together when we move. I'd love to hear your table vote! OR if you have any suggested table purchasing stores. :) 


  1. #4 is adorable, the pop of color would look great :)

  2. Oh god, they're all so beautiful! How do you make a decision like this!

  3. I like number 4 best by faaaarrrr

  4. I like number 1 but I love the chair in the last one!

    Amanda rose

  5. LOVE those tables. Number 2 is awesome. It's great that someone made that from some reclaimed wood!
    I'm moving next week so I totally feel your excitement!

  6. i like number one the best. i like it because it would make a great buffet table and you can add extra chairs like you said because it's supported in the center. plus it looks amazing. i totally agree on going neutral. i like to stay neutral with large pieces and decorate with different accents that you can change with the seasons. i can understand why you think it's pricy, but when you are thinking long term this table will probably last forever. you also might consider sealing the top if you are concerned with splinting, but that might change the look.
    all that aside, pick the one you LOVE.
    look forward to more posts about the condo. i am slowing redecorating my space as well and this gives me some insight and motivation.

  7. Anonymous20.6.12

    Tables are absolutely my favorite part of a house. I've ripped out pages and pages of table, each one with its own story and style. This is probably because I think I spent the majority of my time awake as a kid at the kitchen table. I ate from the kitchen table, I did homework at the kitchen table, I could watch tv from the kitchen table - and it fit 8 people. The more people the better. Good luck choosing and have fun!!

  8. Wow, all three choices are fabulous!