Tuesday, June 05, 2012


1// I am in love with pretty much all of the prints on BeauChamping. Sweet little phrases like, "I love my family." always get me. :) I'm keeping my eye out for beautiful pieces to add to my collection so we have lots of beautiful art when we move. 

2// These Robert Clergerie Oxfords are fantastic. 

3// Tumbleweeds makes fantastic sunglasses. They are currently being featured on FAB! So be sure to snag a pair. I'm loving the heart-shaped ones. 

4// My sister showed me these photographs of red ombre hair from Fashion Salade, and now I'm seriously considering some red ombre action. 

5// Lover of mixed-matched plates? Pretty Little Thieves is selling a few hand painted plates in her shop! 

6// I've been noticing garden tools and planters more now that I'm getting closer to moving. I love these simple industrial zinc pots from Anthropologie

7// Hammered metal is beautiful and has so much character. These brass diamond hoops from Dinosaur Toes will definitely be on my birthday wish list! 

8// This tattoo is breathtaking. I love the painted look and gray-scale colors. 


  1. So many pretty things, I love the plates!

  2. I love everything about this post! Those sunglasses are amazing, and I think I need that print!

  3. Anonymous5.6.12

    Love that tattoo. I have my hair ombre at the moment and love it, you should go for it!

  4. Those glasses. <3 Those earrings. <3 That tattoo. <3 So, so lovely! Everything here is so pretty, but those are my favorites for sure. :D

  5. Anonymous5.6.12

    I love the tattoo! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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