Wednesday, June 06, 2012

THREADS 6.6.12

Loose fitting shirt and jeans always means I'm needing a cozy day. :) I'm a pretty huge fan of comfortable fashion. No stilettos for me!!  Partially because they kill, and, secondly, because I wasn't born to walk in them. I've got the wedges and platforms down, but I draw the line at pointy heels. I'll leave those to the fashion mavens. :)

I picked up this beautiful medallion necklace at the Indie Craft Experience. I don't think she currently has an online shop, but her jewelry pieces were really gorgeous. And the name of her shop is called Hot Pink Poo, which always gives me a good chuckle. ;)

Today is date-day and I'm in much need of some husband time. I think tonight we are having an evening in; making dinner, playing with Lego's, watching a show together and lots of cuddles. I'm so thankful for mid-week date nights and little breaks in the work week.

* Medallion Necklace - Hot Pink Poo
* Feather Top - Target
* Jeans - American Eagle
* Camel Clogs - Target
* Green Sparkle Ring - Forever21
* Arrow Ring - c/o Craft to the Radio 
* Lollipop Nail Color - Essie


  1. Beautiful! I actually dyed my hair red the other day, and I'm loving it! Seeing your pretty red hair makes me giddy to have joined the "red hair club".
    Have fun with your date night tonight!

  2. Wow, I adore this outfit! I think I love the wedges and the necklace especially :) As well, your hair is absolutely gorgeous! ♥

    Sarah ^.^

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  4. I loved the comfortable look. I also like this.
    The photos are beautiful! I have a great desire to dye my hair red, but I'm afraid of not knowing the right care. What are your daily care? The most important? It is difficult to keep the color or not? I have many questions regarding the care. So far I have not dyed my hair. But I think red hair incredibly beautiful!
    Kisses: *

  5. nice necklace and very lovely outfit!

  6. I completely understand needing sometime with your significant other!

    You make me want my red hair back! I love your outfit in this post!

  7. You are so, so gorgeous. You totally remind me of a 50s girl in this outfit (that's a good thing.) I love that shirt and I'm a huge fan of comfortable fashion!!! I hope y'all have a lovely night!!! Also, booyah for more couples who play with Legos together! :DDDD

  8. Love this whole outfit, looks like something I would rock. Also looks comfy! You're so lovely.


  9. Anonymous6.6.12

    Cute cute oufit! I don't like pointy heels either. I work out a lot and those things make your legs kill after a workout! I hope you enjoy your quality time with the hubby!

  10. I love your outfit. Those wedges pair perfectly and look like they were meant to be with those jeans.

    Amanda Rose

  11. Love love love LOVE the necklace, but the Etsy site is down! Gutted!

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