Sunday, June 03, 2012


This week turned out to be pretty great. I had a short work week due to Memorial Day. Got my clunky computer at work replaced with a new Macbook Air, so I'm on a little technology high. Spent Friday night installing a new blog design for a client and ended the evening with some husband time.

Saturday turned out to be a freakin' fantastic day. Kate and I met up early in the morning, grabbed lattes at Starbucks, drove to downtown Atlanta to check out the booths at the Indie Craft Experience. It's so wild to think that Jenny and I were selling our handmades there last year! They had a fantastic selection of vendors this year. I bought a necklace and some custom perfume. Kate also bought a necklace, some perfume, and a fancy ceramic sponge holder. We got popsicles from the King of Pops and made our way to the new Food Truck Park in Atlanta for some delicious tacos and snow cones. :) Afterward, we hit up the farmers market for some fresh fruits, bread, eggs, and milk. Kate picked up some live crawdads and cooked them for the first time when we got back. And, of course, we had to put them on the kitchen floor and let the kitty's meet them. ;)

After some crawdad action, I drove over to my parents' house to work on my student loan payments. My mom is so sweet to help me make sure I cross my t's and dot my i's when it comes to paying off those tricky sons of biscuits. Jon and I are 19 months into paying off my students loans and we are HALFWAY done! I cannot wait to be done with those loans! After loan time, I met back up with Kate, we had fancy drinks and watched Moulin Rouge. It was a perfect day.

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// When you need some inspiration. Communication magazine to the rescue. 2// The BEST frozen yogurt I have had the pleasure of eating. Publix Premium frozen yogurt in Mint Cookie. 3// Regina is and always will be a favorite. 4// Been making delicious wheat bagels sandwiches. 5// Jessica Hische goodness. 6// Popsicles at ICE with Kate! 7// Food Truck Park yum yum. 8// Sister!
5 Favorite Posts:
* Beat Ice Cream by Vanilla & Lace
* My Top 10 Favorite Polishes by The Dainty Squid
* Building a House for Dolls Part 2 by Young House Love
* Before & After Bar Cart Redo by Design*Sponge
* The Place to Eat by PulchritudeFest

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Pennyweight - Beautifully designed blog, stunning posts, and dripping with inspiration.

Inspiring Me this Week:
* Organization! - I'm making it a goal this week to completely organize my personal//Maiedae laptop and my work laptop. Time to get all these files situated!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* Tried Lychee Nuts for the first time this weekend.
* Meeting my Emily friend for breakfast tomorrow at Thumbs Up Cafe.
* SO excited to be an Aunt in a month!!


  1. Oh my God! You've purchased Regina's new album! Thanks for reminding me to go to the nearest CD store and purchase one myself ;)

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