Thursday, June 07, 2012


Both wide-eyed dreamers, Emily and Allie started The Wonder List with hopes of staying inspired and sharing that inspiration with others. Best friends since college, their bond has been marked by an uncanny sense of connection that continues to build as their friendship is written into each other’s stories. Through all of their experiences, together and separate, they have learned that life is frequently the reverse of what you might have expected, but they have also learned that the reverse is often more beautiful than anything you could have imagined. The key to discovering this beauty, perhaps, is simply to stand and wonder.

1. Free yourself. ---> Simply give yourself the freedom to be inspired. Spend hours and days thinking about what inspires you, what you love, and what brings passion to your life. Make a list with two columns and proceed to outline all the things that you love and all the things that you loathe. You are a deep well of inspiration that needs to be tapped. This exercise opens up a beautiful inner conversation and allows you to see brilliant correlations.

2. Explore through travel. ---> Traveling to a new place provides an instant fresh start and allows you to feast on the inspiration of the unknown. By being intentional in planning and taking trips, you open yourself up to opportunities that may not exist in your place of residence. Make it a priority to save money for that out of state or overseas experience and take advantage of a weekend getaway in the next town whenever possible.

3. Talk that talk. ---> Gain inspiration from conversation. The people you’ve interacted with in person, over the phone, or via email in the last week are the people who inspire you. They know you and you want to be known by them. It’s worthwhile to schedule coffee and dinners – staying late to talk about life or tabling the conversation for the next date. Ask the hard questions; find out what inspires them and how they can be an intentional resource on your journey.

4. See the world through new eyes. ---> People-watching has immense potential for inspiration as there is a wealth of insight to be learned through observation. It proves the value of closing your mouth and opening your eyes by forcing you to notice the intriguing people moving all around you. You never know when your next outfit inspiration will pass you on the street, so pay attention!

5. Get back to your roots. ---> How refreshing and inspiring a trip to your hometown can be. As our grandmothers always said, “You can go home when you can’t go anywhere else.” This is so true and important for young people to remember. Inspiration is often found when you step away from everything and go back to the nest; to recharge and be reminded of the cloth you were cut from. On numerous road trips to Florida, we always cherish the hours spent in the car. Breathing in the wide-open spaces, thinking, dreaming, singing our favorite songs, and usually crying a few tears on the drive back.

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Thank you so much, Emily and Allie! It has been such a special experience seeing you both grow as bloggers and getting to know you ladies. Your inspiration topics were so unique and perfect to start us all on a good path this summer. I totally recommend adding The Wonder List to your "must reads". These ladies are very talented writers and always have inspiring content! :) 


  1. LOVE ALL of these! I feel inspired just thinking about it :)

  2. thanks for featuring The Wonder List, Savannah! We are excited to share our hearts and minds with your readers, what an honor.

  3. So amazing - I love the Wonder List!

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  4. I love this. i feel like these tips are very applicable to my life.

  5. Traveling is certainly one of the best ways to live, not merely exist. There's just a lot of beautiful things and places to see in this world!

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