Monday, July 09, 2012


It's all about the details. As I've been putting together inspiration boards and making purchases for my dining room re-style, I've been trying to pick out special pieces that will add detail to the room. I have to admit that this tends to be my weakness when it comes to decorating. I'm good with the big things, but putting together all of the trinkets, centerpieces and display items get me every time. I tend to over think it and either have too much in one place or not enough.

I've been taking a lot of time putting together what I like, looking at pictures, and laying everything out so I can see it in my head. So far, things in my head look GREAT. Now to just transfer that to an actual space! I'm planning on having Jenny help me out and be that extra eye for placing the details and accomplishing my vision. It's super helpful to have another person to bounce ideas off of and make helpful suggestions. :) We are moving in just a couple weeks! I can't wait to get my hands on that dining room and see everything come together! I will definitely be posting photos of my progress along the way.

1// Organic Shaped Dinnerware - I've been looking for some simple dinnerware that can be used both casually and dressed up for dinner parties. I love the unique touch of the organic dinnerware. I think I might just purchase the dinner plates and pick out different bowls and salad plates.

2// Potters Workshop Napkin Set - I'm picking more neutral colors and simple patterns for the dining room, I really like this little pop of pattern and the high contrast.

3// Soda Lime Pitcher - I love the foggy thick glass on this pitcher. It's simple but lovely.

4// Antler Candle Holder - I'm not sure where this is from, but I love it as a centerpiece idea for the table. I think the white with a pop of color via the candles is a great idea and it would be easy to change out the candle color for events and holidays. Anyone know where I can find something like this?!

5// Slate Placemat - LOVE this heavy duty slate placemat. I think it looks beautiful up against a wood table and with white dinnerware. Jon and I saw these in person at West Elm and were really impressed with their quality.

6// Soda Lime Cup - These glasses are made from recycled glass like the pitcher above, so each one looks a little different. I love the slight blueish//green tint and milky glass. My parents bought me a set for my birthday and I can't wait to use them when we move!

7// Succulent Terrarium - I can't have open plants in our home without our cat Kaito chewing on all of the leaves. I thought a great way to have some greenery without risk of it getting destroyed by the cats would be to great some glass terrariums for the dining room. We have a huge window that would be right by the table, so the plants should get plenty of light. I think this might be a date night project for Jon and I. :)

8// Celestial Coaster Set - Love the beautiful soft earthy look of these coasters. They are handmade so they also have a unique look to each of them. Can you tell I'm a big fan of things that don't look exactly the same??

9// Wire Baskets - To help pull in some of the industrial look I'm going for, I thought some wire baskets on the buffet or as a centerpiece would help pull things together and be great for storage.

10// Symbology Trivets - Jenny gave these to me for my birthday. They are stunning in person and will look beautiful in the dining room! :)

11// Olive Wood Paddle - I love the wood pattern on these paddles. These would be great for serving during dinner parties.


  1. I love this inspiration board! I can't wait to see what the final room looks like :)

  2. This looks beautiful! I love the recurring pale blue<3

  3. I have that organic shaped dinnerware. I LOVE it and get compliments on it every time we have guests for dinner :)