Monday, July 16, 2012


I made my first purchase for the condo! I was going to wait a little longer but the light fixture I wanted for the dining room went on sale, so I went ahead and made the purchase. :) I got the package yesterday and took a little peek. I can't wait to get it installed when we move!

While working on the design for my dining room, I realized that I needed to pick a really beautiful statement piece for the lighting that would hang above the table. I really wanted something with an industrial look, and I love the idea of using designer light bulbs to add more interest. After looking and looking, I finally saw one of the fixtures on my list displayed at a store and fell in love. It was the perfect size and looked beautiful above a wood table. It will be one of the first things we install in the new place, so I'll be sharing pictures shortly after we move in. :) In the meantime, can you guess which fixture I chose? It's between no. 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

1// Triple Tired Pendant Shade - I love the bronzy metaled look of this shade. I think the layers add a lot of interest.

2// Restoration Hardware Designer Light Bulbs - These are stunning. I don't even know which I would pick! I think the idea of having the light bulbs be part of the overall look is awesome.

3// Steel Polyhedron Pendant - Such a statement and very industrial!

4// 5-Jar Chandelier - Beautiful! I like that the light bulbs would be a feature in this piece, but it might be a little too big for the living room space.

5// 3-Jar Chandelier - Similar to no. 4 but a little smaller, I love how the jars are at different heights.

6// Wire Pendent Light - Another beautiful steel piece.

7// Plumen Energy Efficient Light Bulbs - These designer light bulbs are beautiful AND energy efficient! I might need to do some research on these and no. 2 to see what the reviews say. :)

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