Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey friends! Guess what?! For the past couple months, we have been collaborating with the beautiful Anna of In Honor of Design and working on an awesome new project together! Today, we are stoked to officially announce The Brand Market!! What is The Brand Market? It's a one-day workshop dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs grow their business and nail down their unique brand. In Honor of Design and Maiedae will be working together to host and teach this workshop! Check out more details on our site here:, also be sure to mark your calendar for August 9th. We will be launching our full site AND registration!

Workshop Details
To break it down a little more, this workshop will cover three important sections:

1. Photography - Our goal is to help you create beautiful photos that really stand out on your site! This session will include the following:

* How to use your DSLR
* Benefits of having great photos
* Lighting
* Styling photos
* Backdrops - how to find them and make the most of what you have
* Putting together great shoots for outfits, products, and lifestyle photos
* Photo editing, sizing, and saving
* Photoshop tutorials on using type, photo collages, and working with overlays
* You'll receive a professional headshot for your site
* And tons of hand-ons exercises and visual examples!

2. Branding - You'll be getting tons of information and resources to help you create or polish a successful brand identity. Check out Jenny's announcement for more details on the Branding aspect of our workshop! 

3. Marketing - We will help direct you with the next steps of implementing your band into all areas of your business, and resources and ideas to help promote and grow your site. Check out Anna's announcement for more details on the Marketing aspect of our workshop!

On top of these three sessions, you will also receive a one-on-one session offering customized and personal advice on how you can improve your site and grow your business. There will also be a Q&A session time to answer all of your burning questions at the end of the workshop! This class will be packed with SO MUCH good information and provide you with the tools you need to be awesome and grow!

Dates n' Such 
If you're a blogger, small business owner, or creative entrepreneur then this workshop if for you! We will be kicking off with two workshops in 2013. The first will be October 12th in Atlanta, Georgia, and the second will be November 9th in Greenville, South Carolina.

In order to maintain an intimate class setting, we are keeping our class size to 15 people. The cost will be $325 per person and will include breakfast, lunch, snacks, printed materials, swag bags, a professional head-shot, and an entire day of learning goodness to grow your brand and business! Registration opens August 9th on our Brand Market site!!

We are SO excited to bring this workshop to you and we can't wait for the first one in October. It's been so awesome getting to know Anna and working with her on this project. We couldn't be more stoked about this collaboration. It's been a huge passion of ours to equip others to go do and make things happen, so seeing this dream become a reality is thrilling. If you have any questions about the workshop or want to see us in your city in 2014, please email us at

Instagram: @brandmarketworkshop
Twitter: #brandmarketworkshop

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