Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This dress is a little out of my comfort zone. I don't usually lean towards showing off my legs AND wearing small straps. I felt a little naked. I'm a very cold natured person, so even in the heat of summer, I'll wear something warmer since the AC is usually jacked up super high in buildings around the ALT and let's be real, Jon likes to keep our home chilly, so I'm used to the extra layering. ;) BUT I really love the fun print on this dress and the satin feel of it. It's unlike most colors and prints I would normally go for, so it was fun wearing something different and new. And it was 40% off its sale price, sooo...

This print so makes me want to go to Hawaii. My parents actually met in Hawaii, and I've always wanted to go. Jon and I have been itching for a trip. We're hoping to maybe squeeze in something this fall if possible, most likely not Hawaii, though...We are maybe thinking about visiting the Grand Canyon! :)

Wearing: 1// Floral Blue Dress - American Eagle 2// Spotted Flats - Urban Outfitters 3// Chain Bracelet - Forever21 4// Teal Ring - Urban Outfitters 5// Yellow Sparkle Ring - Anthropologie

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