Friday, June 28, 2013


Friday was our free-day. Jenny and I tried to make the most of our day and hit all of the big areas. There's too much to do and see in New York to cover everything in only one day! We went to the World Trade memorial, saw the Statue of Liberty, decided to be hard-core tourists and take a bus tour, ended up in Times Square popping in and out of shops, being overwhelmed with the craziness, eating dinner, and catching a last minute broadway show, Cinderella (Which was SO good)! :) We are such little girls.

The only scary part of our trip happened at the very end when we decided to grab a cab back to our apartment. Excuse me while I tell our semi-scary story...we got an offer from a "first class" cab driver, in one of those fancy black cars to take us to our apartment and he said the fare was $20, which was pretty good considering we were staying quite a ways away. We realized after about 10 minutes that he was taking us North instead of East like we asked, and due to a misunderstanding, he angrily and quickly turned around and started driving in the right direction. That's when his anger and cussing started rearing its gnarly head. If someone was going a little too slow, he would lay on the horn. At one point, he angered a local enough to get out of his car and start yelling. This took place in a dark side-street, which was already creepy...but our cab driver decided to participate and get out of the car to continue a yelling fest at the other driver. Yikes! He finally got us home, but then said last minute that he only accepts cash and we were only prepared to pay with a card. He was angry and scary. He drove us to an ATM at 11:00PM and I had the pleasure of walking through what seemed to be an intense meeting by a large group of also possibly angry men to get cash out of the ATM while Jenny was told to stay in the cab. Cash in hand, I ran back to the cab, paid the driver and we got the heck out of there. ;)

I forgot my camera for half of the day at our apartment, so I didn't capture as many photos as I would have liked. Overall, we had a fantastic time. We were SO thankful to be able to attend this event. It makes us really excited about our next conference in August! We're planning to attend the Texas Style Council in Austin! Please let me know if you have plans to go, too! Have a wonderful week, friends!

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