Tuesday, June 04, 2013


1// Challis Plazo Pants by Target - LOVE how adorable and flowy these dotted pants are from Target. I've always been into my skinny jeans but these looks perfect for the summer. These would be great paired with a high-waisted belt and light t-shirt...and lots of accessories. Too cute.

2// Kitten Cat Sunglasses by Chicwish - I've been wearing a pair of prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker for about a year now and I'm getting a little tired of wearing the same pair of sunglasses over and over again. I've been thinking about buying a few pairs of inexpensive sunnies for the summertime. Love the style of these beautiful sunglasses!

3// Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair - I've got a couple pieces of furniture in my house that really, REALLY need some TLC. I can't wait to use this book to learn how to make some of my pieces look amazing. I love the idea of purchasing inexpensive furniture from a thrift store and restoring it to make it awesome.

4// iPhone Cases by Rifle Paper Co. - These might be the best looking iPhone cases on the internet. I'm loving Rifle Paper Co. more and more everyday. They are just fantastic. I'm planning to get an updated phone this month and I have my eye on a few cases from Rifle!

5// Weekender Bag - Is it possible to have too many bags? This bag is TOO good. I'm so sad it's unavailable for purchase, but I'm planning to keep an eye on it just in case it comes back in stock!

What is on your June wishlist? :)

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