Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Jenny and I had such an amazing time in New York. Looking back, it was such a whirlwind. We arrived on Wednesday and got to our beautiful apartment. Janee, Maddie, Jenny, and I decided to go with a vacation rental in East Village and loved it. Everything was white and bright and it was a darling space. We had so much fun rooming with our new friends. :) After grabbing some much needed pizza from around the corner, we started getting ready for our sponsored dinner. Jenny and I went to a dinner sponsored by Bing and catered by Sunday Supers. It was located in a somewhat suspicious building, but as soon as we hiked several floors of stairs and walked through a long hallway, we were taken to an absolutely stunning space worthy of a spread in Kinfolk magazine. It was gorgeous, I couldn't get enough of the lighting and spent the first 15 minutes shooting photos.


I have a lot more photos from our ALT Conference day on Thursday and our exploring on Friday! I'm planning to share the rest throughout the week. :)

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