Tuesday, October 08, 2013


It's hard to believe I'm only a handful of days away from being 6 months pregnant! I also can't believe how close I am to reaching my 3rd trimester! Where has the time gone?! This really has been such an adventure and special time of life. Jon is loving the idea of being a dad and often talks to little Soren.We've been working on the nursery and in a few weeks we'll be having our first baby shower! I can't wait!

This trimester certainly has been very different from the 1st one. I've experienced a ton of cravings, back pain, weirdness trying to bend over and put on shoes, Braxton Hicks contractions, and the metamorphosis of my changing body. I shared my 1st trimester survival kit a while ago and wanted to share my 2nd trimester survival items as well.

1// Journal - One of my favorite things to do throughout this pregnancy has been journaling memories, emotions and thoughts. It's been really special to capture these times and try to take in the pregnancy as much as possible. I'm so glad I'll have something to look back on afterwards. :)

2// Fiber - Ok, real talk. During pregnancy your digestion systems S L O W S way down which can cause some serious bathroom issues. It's a real problem, people! Taking extra fiber supplements has been a real help during this time, plus they taste yummy! ;)

3// Body Pillow - I already mentioned body pillows in my 1st trimester guide and in a recent post, but seriously...this pillow has been amazing and I've loved using it every night. It has really helped keep me more comfortable throughout the night and feel supported. Love it!

4// Leggings - Aside from dresses, skirts, and PJs, leggings are up there with one of the most comfortable things to wear during pregnancy. I recently purchased a few funky pairs at Forever21 to pair with tunics and long cardigans and love how they make me feel. Cozy, supported, and still fashionable.

5// Bella Band - This is probably one of the best maternity purchases I've made so far. I LOVE this thing and wear it almost everyday. I still haven't broken down and bought maternity jeans yet, but this band has really made my current jeans work for me. It's super comfortable, supportive and like a nice hug around your tummy. I highly suggest getting one in the early stages of your pregnancy and wearing it throughout. It would even be useful after pregnancy, too!

6// Shower Smoothie - This is probably one of my favorite products from Lush. It smells amazing and feels so luxurious to use. While you're burping up a storm due to your slow digestion and not looking so graceful squatting down to get dressed in the morning, a little luxury is nice! To use a shower smoothie, you rub it all over at the very end of your shower and then rinse it all off. It helps make your skin extra soft and smell good. :)

7// House Shoes - Keep your feet cozy! I love these slipper mocs from Minnetonka.

8// Dry Shampoo - A lifesaver! Sometimes you don't feel like washing your hair and you need a little extra umph. Dry shampoo is a miracle sent from heaven. I love the Batiste and Psssst! brand.

What are/have been some of your 2nd trimester survival must-haves?? :)

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