Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's been really fun to have a nursery room in the house and start preparing for little Soren's arrival. This room is located near our bedroom, see floor layout here, and was originally painted a very dingy beige. The yellow lighting didn't help either and the room as a whole often felt very dark and not the bright, clean feeling we were going for. As well, this silver dresser has certainly been through a lot, too. I picked this piece up at a thrift store for $40. It was originally painted white and had brassy hardware on it. My dad and I painted it silver, replaced the hardware and it became the dresser Jon and I used soon after we married. Check out this old before and after post I found in the archives. ;) We knew we wanted to use this piece in the nursery and make it into a dresser/changing station combination but really wanted it to pop and be a statement piece in the room.

A few weeks ago Jon and I spent a day cleaning, re-painting the room, and giving the dresser a makeover. We were SO happy with how the colors turned out and how the room looks so transformed only after a few coats of paint. :)

We've already got our color scheme and theme in mind for his nursery and I can't wait to show you! I think it's a really clever approach to an old beloved theme for geekery/nerdery everywhere. ;) Can you guess what it might be?

Paint colors & hardware: For the grey on the walls we used the brand Glidden in Pebble Grey in a matte finish. For the bright blue paint on the dresser we used Behr Ultra in Sea Life in a semi-gloss. Hardware is from Home Depot.

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