Thursday, October 24, 2013


This morning when Jon and I woke up it was SO cold in the house. It is very much fall in Georgia right now and the weather has been amazing. It's definitely making up for the extremely rainy summer. I had a couple meetings this morning and was inspired by the cold to put on lots of layers and wear one of my favorite plaid scarfs. Being pregnant has made me very up and down with my body temperature. One moment I'm freezing and the next I'm hot has hell-o kitty, so layers are a must right now. ;)

I'm 25.5 weeks into this pregnancy and nearing the end of my second trimester. This trimester has really flown by and I can't believe within 15 weeks we will be holding our son. Crazy!! This weekend, some of my best friends are throwing me a baby shower and I am SO, SO excited! Gifts are a huge love language for me. I love giving them, receiving them, wrapping them, watching people open them. I just love it. I'm so excited to work on getting little Soren's nursery together and preparing a special place for him to come home too. :)

Wearing: 1// Plaid Scarf - Gift 2// Grey Tank - GAP 3// Houndstooth Sweater - Urban Outfitters 4// Jeans - American Eagle 5// Socks - c/o Tabbisocks 6// Boots - Forever21 7// Tote - Target 8// Earrings - Forever21

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