Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Now that I'm nearing the end of my 2nd trimester and starting into my third, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on changes and happenings since my last diaries post. First of all, does anyone know when the 3rd trimester actually begins??? I've heard 26 weeks, 27 weeks and 28 weeks...so I'm not quite sure what to go with. ;)

Yesterday marked 26 weeks of pregnancy. Little Soren is very active. He rolls, kicks, flutters, and shifts. Some days he's more quiet than others and just flutters a little here and there. Almost every night, like clockwork, when I lay down to go to bed and Jon and I start chatting, he starts kicking and moving. I think he really likes Jon's voice (that or he's wanting a little peace and quiet) and "bangs on the apartment ceiling" for us to pipe-down so he can get some beauty rest. ;)

During the prime of my 2nd trimester came the intense appetite. I could easily throw down a foot long from Subway and still have room to spare for dessert. My sweet tooth was OUT OF CONTROL. My husband tried to help, but I would run into the other room and sneak peppermint patties or hidden candy whenever I got the chance. Bad Savannah! I've felt like a hunger rage-monster countless times. Once the GPS lied to me about where the Wendy's was: "Thank you, Siri, but I needed chicken NOT to go to the #$%^&*@ BANK!" --- Deep breaths. Insert settling for Subway and the foot-long here. --- At the end of this trimester I've noticed a huge shift in my appetite. I'm not as crazy about sugar and I can't consume an entire #1 Chick-fil-A combo, value-sized anymore. But I do crave apples!! It's amazing how some foods during pregnancy taste like the best thing you've ever had in your entire life. It's incredible.

Last weekend I also started experiencing the sneezing and peeing issue. Now, every time I sneeze, if I'm standing up...I pee. It's humorous, which makes me laugh, which also makes me pee. While I've found the experience of pregnancy to be amazing and so interesting, I've also found it to be extremely humorous and crazy. Watching my body morph continually is so odd, how is there a human in there? Is that massive belly mine? I've gotten so used to the idea of being pregnant. Feeling the baby move and touching my tummy as much as possible, but the thoughts of knowing that we will have a child at the end of this hasn't been something I've been able to fully grasp yet. We are SO excited, but it just feels so surreal.

Last weekend was also special because Jenny and Anica threw a baby shower for Jon and me! It was fall themed and we ate so many yummy fall desserts. We were blessed with so many great gifts and we felt extremely loved on. It's been so fun filling up the nursery with things for Soren. Jon and I are planning to do some more decorating and organizing in his nursery tomorrow. :)

As far as emotions go, I've definitely felt more weepy these past few weeks. One morning I offered to make egg sandwiches for breakfast. I gave Jon the task of toasting the bagels and getting dishes out and I started preparing the eggs. After cracking four and putting them in a little Pyrex bowl, I went to reach for my little whisk when Jon came out of nowhere with a fork, attempting to scramble my eggs. He, of course, was only trying to help and there was no rational reason for me to react the way I did, but the hormones reared their ugly head and I began weeping and telling Jon..."I'm mad you are using the fork because I worked so hard to crack those eggs and I really wanted to whisk them with my little whisk! Please don't take my eggs from me!" Me, whisk in hand, crying like a 5-year-old, he put his hands up in the surrender position and backed up to the sink...slowly, trying everything he could to hold in his laughter. Realizing myself the ridiculousness of the situation, I began laughing and weeping at the same time as I proceeded to whisk my eggs. The egg sandwiches were delicious, by the way. ;)

On a more serious note, it's definitely still been an emotional challenge with my mom going through cancer. She recently finished up her third round of chemo and this time it was particularly difficult on her. She ended up getting hospitalized and I'm sitting with her now in her hospital room as she rests. There are a lot of ups and downs, but this time of getting to be with her has been such a treasure and a true blessing. I feel like God has given me a lot of strength during this time and a lot of joy, too. I'm so thankful for my family and I love seeing how they work so hard to care for each other. --- I'm thankful everyday that my job with Maiedae allows me to be flexible and present with my mom during this time.

Here's to the final trimester and a successful 2nd trimester. Here's to a loving, attentive, and servant-hearted husband. We can't wait to meet this little guy in 14 weeks. :)

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