Wednesday, October 30, 2013


After finding out we were pregnant, I went back and forth a ton on thoughts about the nursery and what I wanted it to look like. As time went by, I could never get a clear picture in my mind of the direction. At our 20 week appointment, after finding out we were having a baby boy, Jon and I figured out exactly what we wanted to do with the nursery. If you would have asked me during the first months of pregnancy what I wanted to do, I would have said that I didn't want it to feel themed at all and I was pretty set on it. However, that all changed and now we are going in a themed direction with a very geek lovin' theme. ;)

Our nursery theme is Star Wars! Now we aren't taking the fan-boy approach to Star Wars by any means. We don't want it to feel commercial or expected so we are taking a much more subtle approach to the idea and making it very classy. We want people to walk in, look around and then understand the theme, not be overwhelmed with it immediately! Here is a collection of my ideas and our direction for the room. :) -- For more, see my nursery inspiration board on Pinterest here

1// Dresser Make-Over - See this Post 2// Silver Moroccan Pouf - Hattan Home 3// Nursery Works Rocker - Target 4// Similar Globe - ThinkGeek 5// Bounty Hunter - Concepcion Studios 6// Chewbacca Plush - ThinkGeek 7// Cross Baby Blanket - Spearmint 8// Hudson Crib - Babyletto 9// Shag Rug - Rugs USA 10// Blue Moon Clock - Hautelook 11// Star Wars Posters - Concepcion Studios

We've been working on it slowly and hope to have everything complete by December/January. I can't wait to keep you updated with progress posts! This week Jon and I are working on a fun feature wall, I'll be sure to share photos soon!

Also, for those of you looking for nursery inspiration that is unique and completely awesome, check out Lay Baby Lay's nursery inspiration boards. They are amazing!

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