Friday, October 04, 2013


We've been working on lots of projects at home since moving in, from installing new doors to ripping out old staples from the carpeting. It's been a lot of work! We haven't had a lot of time to really get into the decorating and fancying up of our home since we're mainly focused on function at this point. We have a long list of to-do's before Soren comes and we're hoping to make a good dent in it!

Rooms and projects we'd like to finish before baby gets here:
* master
* nursery
* guest room
* closet space
* finish main stairs
* finish unpacking all boxes
* paint den
* paint dining room

The upstairs is our biggest focus at this point since we want a cozy master that will work well for us when the baby arrives. We would also like to have the nursery complete AND a good place for family and friends to stay comfortably. Lots to do!!

Here are a few "before's" and "progress" photos from our work around the house so far. :)

Kitchen: I've got a lot of exciting plans for the kitchen! One of the first major projects we want to take on is replacing the linoleum flooring. In the meantime, we needed to make an appliance purchase. We thought the dishwasher would work well for us moving in and then started to realize it wasn't working correctly and stinking! Since we want to make our appliances all stainless steal at some point, we decided to go ahead and replace the dishwasher. We are loving this Whirlpool purchase, and all of our dishes are SO clean! Hooray!

Sunroom: When we first moved in, our sunroom was our tools-and-cleaning-supply-storage space. We wanted a great place for the cats to roam so we decided to put in a door that still lets in the light. We cleaned up the space, put in a new door and purchased hardware that we eventually want to be throughout the interior of the home. We just need to finish the door and give it some good coats of paint! -- We've also got some exciting plans for the sunroom. I'm thinking LOTS of hanging plants and some hammocks??

Laundry Room: I've been having dreams of having a clean and fancy laundry room space. For now, we are focused on just keeping it clean and organizing everything! The washer and dryer were two of our first purchases. We've done some major cleaning and a little organizing. -- We have plans to replace flooring, do some tile work, paint, and add in some great storage. I'm also researching clever laundry room sink ideas to replace the one we have.

Master Bedroom: This is one of the rooms we've put the most work into since moving into the house. We did some major cleaning, priming and painting in this space. We also replaced all of the outlets and doorknobs. I think there was a total of 7 different types of outlet plates throughout the room and most of the doorknobs didn't even work correctly. We're planning to change all outlets and doorknobs throughout the house one room at a time. :) I'm also loving this beautiful bright white we picked for the room color. The blue before wasn't my favorite and you could see where the owner had also painted beige, black, and red in certain places. Yikes! It needed several coats of primer and one good coat of this lovely white. We plan to warm up the space with lots of faux fur and wood pieces.

Main Stairs: Originally we planned to just replace the carpet on the stairs with something new, but after taking the old carpet up we realized how beautiful the stairs are and we were happy to see the condition of the wood was great! We called our carpet guy and canceled the order. Jon and I are working on repairing the stairs currently. We need to finish pulling out all of the staples, fill the holes, paint the white part and revitalize the wood.

If you want to see some of my home inspiration be sure to check out my Pinterest boards!

I can't wait to continue making more progress on our space. Next week I'll be sharing the vision for Soren's nursery! Happy weekend, friends!

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