Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doing the Charleston!

Seriously, it has been WAY too long. Jonathon and I got swept up in a whirlwind of Thanksgiving celebrations and I cannot wait to share all about it! We just got back late this evening from Charleston, SC, and, flat out, had the most amazing first Thanksgiving together as a married couple.

I am anxious to share pictures and treasures with you! But since it is so late, I will have to just give you a sneak peek with more to come soon!

Speaking of the holidays, I have to admit...I have been anxiously awaiting Christmas, pretty much since Jon and I got married six months ago. One of the first questions I asked him after we moved into our little home was, "Where are we going to put the Christmas tree?!" Well, Thanksgiving is officially over, and Jon has told me this is the acceptable time to start the "yule-tide-oh-christmas-tree-holly-run-run-rudolph festivities". Tonight I have already managed to watch two Christmas movies: "Ernest Saves Christmas" & "Home Alone". TOMORROW is decorating time! I will be sure to share pictures.

And now, my list of things to catch you up on (posts soon to come!)
1. Thanksgiving & the trip to Charleston
2. Christmas Decorating
3. Special MaieDae holiday GIVEAWAY!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to ALL and an early Merry Christmas!


  1. Im so jealous that you spent thanksgiving in charleston! We celebrated turkey day at my aunts house, instead of my parents place. But I get to go there over christmas and see all of the pretty decorations! I hope you had a blast and are doing well!

  2. Your blog is adorable!! So glad to have found you!!

  3. Visiting from FN! Congratulations on your first married Thanksgiving!

  4. aw how fun!! you were not very far from me, girl! charleston is a very beautiful city!!!

    have fun decorating tomorrow, friend!

  5. Hi, stopping by from Freckled Nest - your blog is beautiful, and I love your inspiration post below :) Happy Weekend!

  6. I'm Jewish & therefore don't celebrate Christmas, but I maintain that someday, I'll still have a tree of my own. The decorations are too pretty not to!

  7. Stopping by via FN, and I love your blog! Congrats on your first Christmas together. :) It's our second together, and it only gets better.

    Amy M.

  8. Hi from a FN visitor! I haven't been to your blog before - but I'll definitely be back! I LOVED your photo on this post. So beautiful. :)