Saturday, March 12, 2011

C3 StyleHouse

This week has been eventful! I just wrapped up my very first handmades show at a women's conference! We sold MaieDae handmade goodies Thursday & Friday and put in hours and hours of crafting before and in-between!  This experience was kind of my gauge to see how I might like trying some real craft fairs in the future, and my conclusion is...I'm so addicted. I loved being able to chat with people, network, see people's reactions to the pieces, and even get a chance to experiment with new products. I have a lot of learning from the experience that I plan to share...but for now, pictures! 

Jenny & I sold MaieDae handmades along side Ashley who sold her delicious candles & bath salts via her business Lexington Avenue and Holly from Scuttle who sold her cute handmade cards and journals! Working with these girls was such a delight!
PS - - I have some exciting news and shop updates coming soon!


  1. Your display is simply beautiful! As are those headbands...but I can tell you guys put a lot of work into setting up! Gorgeous!!

  2. Congratulations on your first event. Your display looks sweet. :)

  3. v cute! i love the headbands!!! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. Congrats! Your display looks wonderful! I love that you hung the necklaces from huge branches and that the prices are in a cute flourished frame! Youre so cute :)