Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: A Tuesday Collection of Favorite Things 3.15.11

I love this week's collection of Fancy Shmancy. I've been super inspired to do more home nesting so a lot of the pieces are ideas for my living room/bedroom...plus some extra goodies!

Wooden W
Striped Paper Straws
Dinosaur Toes
Singer Fashion Mate 
Trust Your Instincts 
Print Workshop
Sparrow Leather iPad Case
So a couple things: I'm thinking about getting the above sewing machine next week...anyone have it? Love it? It looks user friendly and has some nice features, so I think it might be the one. Last thing -- that iPad case is stunning. I've been writing out justifiable reasons to invest in an iPad and this alone gives me another reason...haha. Oh dear. A wonderful Tuesday to you!

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  1. LOVE that ipad cover!! yellow owl workshop is awesome & i have lots of their stamp sets. i didn't know they had a book! :) also, we have some blue striped paper straws & they make me so happy. somehow i justified buying a multi pack recently haha they're just so pretty!