Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March Comes with Big Plans

I. Feel. Recharged. Jonathon and I just got back from a short ski trip in the mountains with his parents and some friends of ours. We stayed in a beautiful log cabin, ate junk food, played games, and learned how to ski. It was one of the best vacations I've had in a long time. Now that I've had my crazy work week at seminar for nine days and followed it up by a relaxing trip with my family... I'm ready to make March an amazing month. BTW-- Here is a little peek at where we stayed this weekend, it was breathtaking and so peaceful:

I might have already mentioned that I'm really excited it's March, but just in case you didn't hear...I'm REALLY excited about March! I have some exciting plans, not only for the blog, but for Handmades, MaieDae Graphics, and home nesting. Can't wait to show you! For now, here is what I'll share, but the rest you will just have to wait and see!

What you can expect to see on the blog:
* Some more Project ReStyle's & a DIY
* A new blog series on Balance
* Some peeks into my nesting venture and home decorating
* A very special 365 Project post as I come to my completion on March 23rd!
* Some awesome inspiration & handmade shop features
* Crafty resources
* Awesome Giveaway!
* Some vlogs?! A first for MaieDae.

MaieDae Handmades:
* We will be having out first craft show March 10th-11th. I can't wait to share pictures and give you my two cents on prepping for your first craft show.
* In mid-March, you can expect to see a HUGE shop update with pieces that you know and love as well as some splashes of new color and products!

MaieDae Graphics:
* This month will be the first month that Graphics will officially offer blog design, one of many graphic services we plan to offer in the future. Keep an eye out for a special post and more details coming soon!
* On top of blog design, we will also begin to offer print design in the shop for your lovely home, as well as some cute customizable pieces!

My Home Nesting Projects:
* Paint the studio//guest room
* Repaint purple wall in our bedroom -- I'm thinkin' dark grey.
* Make little "dinnerware nook"
* Purchase new bedding and get it lookin' good in there!

!!! Here's to a grand month. I'm excited you're along for the ride!!!


  1. Hi there! Just stopping by because I am a fellow sponsor of Love Elycia. Your blog is lovely and I'm so happy to have found it and to be following!

  2. woohoo! exciting stuff - can't wait to see all of it :)

  3. Oooo all of this made me "ooo" and "ah." I can't wait! {no pressure}

  4. Sounds awesome! I will gladly give you a testimonial for your graphic work if you need one! :)