Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: A Tuesday Collection of Favorite Things 3.22.11

Here are some fun colorful things I'm fancying this week:

Vintage Melamine Tea Cups - 1950s

Frye Block Heel Oxfords - OU

Feathers by Nan Lawson
Vintage Doctors Bag
Vintage Panthalassa Dress
Farmers Egg Crate

How to Transport a Whale by Sara Hogren
I'm super into the pool//light blue, minty, and oatmeal colors right now -- if you couldn't tell! How cute would that egg crate be to store little treasures or jewelry? 

Today is date day for Jon and I, so I think we are deciding between a movie or dinner. Hope your week is wonderful!

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  1. Anonymous22.3.11

    I LOVE the colour of that dress... and therefore pretty much every item you've listed... very pretty =) x

  2. The shoes and the illustrations are my favorite!! All of the colors in this post are perfect!

  3. yes please! I want all of those things. ive been after a ceramic egg holder thingy for ages. I found one somewhere and forgot to bookmark it. I think i fancy a white one. Great post! Very inspiring :)

  4. sooo pretty! i love the cups, and that dress is amazing! i love those colours too :)

  5. you have great style - I love what you're posting! Keep it up!

  6. It's so funny that you should mention the ceramic egg carton as I just asked my readers where I can get one from! If only Anthropology were in Aus!
    Love your blog, too, by the way! Erin. xx

  7. Anthropologie* (You can tell that we don't have one, can't you!?) :)