Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: A Tuesday Collection of Favorite Things 3.1.11

Hello March! I am so excited you are here, I've been anticipating you. I am looking forward to SO MUCH this month and I hope to share a little peek of what's to come in the next couple of days...but for now, here are some things I fancy.

On Safari Dinnerware - I'd like to put you on my wall.
642 Things to Draw - Just got this in the mail, most unique sketchbook I have ever owned. 
FREE Desktop Calendar for March - Head on over to Oh, Hello Friend to download yours!
Red Velvet Spring Dress Line - This is the one I want
Dale Cooper Wall Art - Anyone a Twin Peaks fan? I'm crossing my fingers to win this on Elycia's Blog. 
Vintage Pop Shop Shelf
Deer Head Covered in Vintage Map - I have to try this!
Got any spring favorites? Comment with a link! I'd love to check it out. I have more to share, so I'll try and post again later this evening! PS - Did you see my new list of sponsors for this month?! Be sure to take a peek around their blogs//shops!


  1. The kite dress is my favorite too. But I'm basically in love with the whole line.

  2. These are all so adorable! I love the dinnerware, dress and cross-stitch the most! If you get the dress you should do a little photo shoot and post it :)

  3. Andrea - Great idea!! :)

  4. You have amazing taste. I also love Twin Peaks (but really, who doesnt?), the Kite dress & I wanted to get that sketch book for my boy! I'm glad you seem to like it, that means he probably will too! :)

  5. i got that drawing book as a gift last christmas and LOVE it. i'm not the best at drawing so i use it as sort of a random journal..flip to a page and if you cant draw the item, write about what it makes you think of and just put the date in the corner.

  6. oOo love the vintage pop shelf! how cute. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  7. oh i just love that dear plate! i love adding to my plate collection...i swore i would never buy a complete set but collect my own so each piece was different! that one would look great!


  8. love those plates!