Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspiration for Your Nest: The Search for a Duvet

Jon and I never really settled into a decision on our bedding when we did the registry process before our wedding.  So, after the wedding, we used a collection of our old twin comforters (cozy, but a sore sight!)...we're thinking it's time to get grown up bedding and put some effort into making our room our own little cozy here are our choices:

Cabana Stripe Duvet Cover - OU
Inka in Fig - Aura
Vintage Scarf Reversible - UO
Ankita in Indigo - Aura
Mimosa Reversible - Z Gallerie
Striped Duvet Cover - West Elm
Waterfall Ruffle - UO
Organic Seedling Duvet - West Elm
It will be up against a dark charcoal wall, and I'm planning to mix in lots of fun colorful pillows (not too matchy-matchy) with whichever one I pick. Have a vote? Any suggestions on other places that carry fabulous and fun duvets?! -- I'll be sure to share our final decision with some photo's. 


  1. We are on the hunt for a duvet as well. Ours is pretty but it's white..body oils make the top that we snuggle with discolored and gross looking. I love that inka and fig one!

  2. o fun! i like the grey stripped duvet! xoxo jcd :: stop by, im having a custom print giveaway:: cornflake dreams

  3. Madi Thornton14.3.11

    inka in fig or the waterfall ruffles! :)

  4. I just love the waterfall ruffles. I'm thinking its too bad we have a newish bed set.