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Hello, MaieDae readers! My name is Megan. I run a style blog called Sock Monkey and Gee and a little vintage etsy store called Vintage and Gee. I am a 28 year old girl from Tennessee living in the-middle-of-nowhere, West Virginia, with my wonderful husband. A few things about myself: I am a bookworm, I love all things floral, a collector of vintage dresses, and have a degree in Art.

Since I am inspired daily by all the beautiful things surrounding me, I decided for this post to write about the things that inspire me.

1. Tumblr and Pinterest. ---> These two sites are nothing new. Most people who blog or read blogs know that these two websites are addicting. I have always been a collector of pictures and have knick knacks laying around all over my house. So, when I discovered that I could basically make a whole blog of things that make me happy//inspire me, I was hooked.

The wonderful things about "pinning" or "reblogging" pictures is that 70% of the time, it does not have anything to do with fashion. It could be a color of a wall that makes me realize that you have never thought about wearing that color before or seeing a photo from the 1930's of two girls wearing a certain accessory or hairstyle and inspires you to try it yourself.

2. Blogs/Bloggers. ---> The most obvious things that inspire me are Blogs//Bloggers. This is the main reason I started a blog to begin with. I had been an avid reader of fashion//style blogs for a year before I finally found the courage to start my own. I follow a lot of blogs. I always have and probably always will. It can be overwhelming, but I like to have a wide variety of blogs on my blog roll.

I believe each blog that I read has its own style and inspires me in different ways. Some of my favorite blogs at the moment are (there are many...I always hate choosing): Heres Looking at me KidBawk Bawk Bawk, Hummingbird Girls, and Steffys Pros and Cons.

3. Thrifting. ---> One of my favorite hobbies is going shopping at the thrift store. I think it is the thrill of not knowing what you are going to find that keeps me addicted. I try to go at least once a week. The thing that inspires me at the thrift store is finding a pattern//print that I have never seen before and I then begin to start daydreaming about all the colors that I can match with it and all the outfits that can be created from one random shirt for $2. I do love shopping at big "modern" when I can...but living in West Virginia, there is slim pickens when it comes to shopping.

4. Art. ---> I think this is the hardest one for me to explain. I have always been in love with Art. It is just a part of me. I believe I sometimes do not realize how Art is so much a part of my daily life. I have been taking art classes from the time I was in first grade all the way up to graduating college with a degree in Art. The color//paints//techniques are always surrounding me and inspiring me in my artwork...which I think just bleeds through to my fashion//style. I hope that makes sense. My favorite artists are: Gustav Klimt, Robert Rauschenberg, Helen Frankenthaler, and Marlene Dumas just to name a few.

5. Quotes/Books. ---> I love to read. I am one of those crazy people that have 10 books by their bedside and still have nothing to read and then proceed to buy more books. If you have ever read my blog, you will know that I use quotes quite often. One reason I do this is because I am a horrible writer. :)

But the main reason I use quotes is because they inspire me to create a certain post in the first place.
I have always kept a notebook full of quotes from my favorite books or poems that make me think or put a smile on my face. In my mind, when picking a quote, it makes me set the mood of an outfit or pick a certain location I would like to be for an outfit post.

Thank you, Savannah, for asking me to do a post for your amazing blog. I really hope this random gibberish of a post made sense and inspired you a little bit. xx

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This is great, Megan! I especially love your perspective on art and how it influences your fashion posts and whole creative process. :) Fantastic insights!


  1. I think me and Megan could be BFF's. This list was so good! Can't wait to follow her blog now. This series is awesome!

  2. Oh wow, Megan! This was a very gorgeous and inspiring post in my opinion - I am definitely heading over to see your blog with my own eyes. <3

    Savannah, as always, thank you for posting this series!!!

  3. Anonymous7.1.12

    I love this - and I love that she didn't list the exact same big blogs that everyone always lists as their inspiration! Not that they're not great, but it's just nice to see someone breaking the mold :)

  4. I definitely get inspired by the same things - Art especially! And Gustav Klimt is also one of my all time favourite artists ;) !
    Thanks for the post!


  5. Awh I love this! I'm the same way with books. I could have 15 waiting for me to read and still need to go buy more!

  6. I love Megan! It is so great to see what keeps her inspired. :) She is the best.