Tuesday, January 24, 2012

THREADS 1.24.12

Look at that red!! Woah baby! I put some fresh color on my head last Thursday. I wanted something a little more vibrant and complimentary to my fair skin. I feel so sassy! -- If you've been following me for any amount of time, you might have caught on that I dye my hair...a lot.

It all started my senior year of high school...blonde, platinum, red, brown, light auburn, blonde, REALLY blonde, too blonde, black, brown, light blonde, practically purple (oops!), brown, red, RED. It's a never ending cycle. It gives my friends and family a little whip-lash, but I love it. I have so much fun changing my hair style, color, fashion, make-up. I'm also like that with our home decor. One minute decorations are adorning the kitchen counter and the next...they're in our bathroom. I'd paint our walls twice a year if it was easy! ;)

BTW - My little sister, Kelsie, is amazing. She is usually the one to take pictures for my outfit posts and she's just as adorable as they come.

* Dolman Pullover: UO
* Cherry Blossom & Origami Crane Brooch: c/o Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree
* Jeans: American Eagle
* Lace Socks: UO 
* Brown Boots: Forever21
* Square Black Ring: Forever21 - 6.5 years ago, I wore it at my senior prom! 
* Phoenix Ring: Forever21
* Oval Ring: Vintage

What about you? Does change make you nervous or do you experience a lot of joy in it? 


  1. those boots are really awesome. love how you have them tied!

  2. I love it! It looks so good on you! I'm in the same boat dying my hair all the time! I recently just did mine, haven't posted about it yet though!

  3. love your haircolor!!!
    RED is the best!!!
    and your red is amazing!!!
    and i know what you mean...changing is wonderful!
    i think it makes me feel alive!

    liebgruss from germany

  4. love your hair! i dye my hair all the time too--i JUST bleached out the red and dyed it back to my natural color because i'm trying to grow it out and it's gotten too fried! hoping it does better if i stop dyeing for a while!

  5. You are so cute! Lovely smile.

    I love dying my hair but once it gets too long, it becomes a chore. Any ideas of how to do re-growth gracefully?

    1. Hi Halley!

      When my hair was super long and I was dying it lighter, I just had someone take care of my roots and would avoid dying my whole head.

      OR you could dye it similar colors to your hair so if it grows out a lot it isn't too noticeable. i've noticed for me personally it's a lot easier to keep my hair shorter if I want to dye it a lot.

      Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. I love the boot/lace socks combo!!

  7. adorable! i love the sweater, boots, and all your pretty jewelry!
    and i've been thinking of adding some reddish color to my hair as well. i also love change ;)

  8. Great color! Very nice color for winter to spice things up a bit!

  9. You're a doll Savannah! It takes a lot of confidence to be that BOLD - I love that! :)

  10. I love the high socks and boots look, I wear it almost everyday! Haha.

  11. Ohhh I LOVE this outfit, it looks so comfy but stylish! and the neutrals work perfectly with the red hair, which looks fabulous by the way.


  12. You look gorgeous and super cozy in that get-up. That last shot is beautiful. Sassy indeed.

    ♥ sécia

  13. love the color! that's the red I went with last time I did my hair! very sassy!

  14. I teach high school, so I always create a "summer disguise" so the kids don't recognize me!

  15. So cute! I love wearing my boots like that -- I get bored tying them up and it looks so fun wrapped around a few times at the ankle. Love the socks over the jeans, too! <3

    xx MaDonna

  16. Anonymous25.1.12

    Love the boots! I also dye my hair like crazy. I've literally had every hair color.

  17. Pretty! Red looks good on you :)

  18. I've dyed my hair so many times in the past...it's insane...since about 3 years I didn't really do anything to it anymore though, giving it a break. I totally have the itch to start dying it again....It's just so wonderful going out with fresh hair :) And it's incredible how such a "simple" thing can change so much in your appearance!

    Red look great on you!!!!


  19. I absolutely love vibrant hair colour, especially reds (but I'm biased as a fellow red head). And that shade really suits your complexion.
    And I really like how you styled the textured socks over your jeans. Thanks for sharing xo

  20. Anonymous25.1.12

    <3 the hair color! (:

  21. love it, i wish i could have that color.

  22. Savannah! That hair is HOT, girl. You look amazing.

  23. love the bright shade in the middle of a grey winter. fabulous!

  24. Love it! I can't wait until I'm done being pregnant and can start dying my hair again. I'm a natural redhead (more like strawberry blonde) but have been experimenting, like you, for years with hair color. It's so fun to switch around!

  25. love the whole outfit especially with the Red! looks perfect!

  26. Wow! You look great! Totally pulling off the red :)
    Luvv, Leigh B

  27. That colour looks great on you and I love the outfit!

  28. beautiful photos - love the outfit and love the hair