Monday, January 16, 2012


One of my goals for 2012 was to go thrifting//antiquing at least once each month. I'm surrounded by so many amazing antique and thrift stores in my area, I'd like to take more time to do some treasure hunting AND be more intentional about my vintage purchases. Last year, I started a few new collections, so when I'm "pillaging" the shops I try to keep in mind the items I love to collect so I don't spend unnecessary money on items I'm not in love with.

In order to keep me accountable to my thrift-tiquing adventures, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite finds with you each month. :)

This weekend, Jon took me to the Atlanta Expo Center to attend Scott's Antique Market (a new-to-me place//event in Atlanta). The Antique Market is an annual event that has hundreds of vendors and so many unique and mostly expensive pieces. My favorite part was looking around and appreciating the beautiful finds. I only made a few purchases at Scott's:

I was able to add this beautiful Imperial Debonair Camera and its original box to my collection. The above picture also has a few more of my favorite cameras from my collection in the background. Fun Facts: The Imperial Debonair was made in Chicago during the 1960s and was used as the official cub scout camera. 

These sweet little glass owls are called Boyd Owls. Jon picked out the black and I picked out the white one. Fun Facts: Boyd Glass is a family glass business passed down through four generations. Each piece is manufactured the old-fashioned way, with a mold and not a machine. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The very next day, I stopped by my favorite antique mall in Lawrenceville, GA, on our way home from my parents' house. We only had 15 minutes to shop before closing, but seriously, it's amazing what you can find in 15 minutes. ;)

On our way up to the register, Jon called me over to a little section of the store and showed me this light blue typewriter beauty. It was such a great price and is still in great working condition. It came with an adorable matching blue case attachment. So pretty!! Fun Facts: The "Smith Premier Typewriter Company" was establish in 1886. This particular model was made in the 1960s.

My final find was this set of beautiful vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. I love the steel blue color and sweet little flower details. Fun Facts: The name of this pattern is called Colonial Mist and was first introduced in 1983. 

I love learning interesting facts and history about the items I purchase. I feel like it gives each item more character and life. :) Do you have a recent favorite find? What do you look for when you're "thrift-tiquing"?


  1. 'thrift-tiquing'! I love it! You have stumbled across some amazing finds here. I wish we had some cool places like that to visit where we live. The pyrex is to die for!
    toni xo

  2. I need to do more of this - though admittedly it's tough when I know I have no room for more STUFF. :( Totally loving that typewriter, such a gorgeous colour!

    Haha it's fun to have the "fun facts" about each item, I love knowing about what I buy and how it was made :)

  3. Anonymous16.1.12

    great finds

  4. great finds!!! i love that first picture!!

    allister bee blog

  5. Love the camera! My boyfriend also collects them. I definitely need to do more thrifting this year too.

    the oBITCHuaries

  6. The typewriter is so pretty! The fact that it works make it even more awesome...I hope to own one someday.

  7. ahhh that pyrex is a great score! love that pattern

  8. wow those are kick ass thrifting treasure <3

  9. ooo, the typewriter looks really cool. i've always wanted to try to type in that thing.


  10. This post makes me sad that we don't have that many antique or thrift stores nearby. Lucky gal with all your fabulous finds! That blue typewriter is so beautiful

  11. what is the name of the antique store you go to in lawrenceville?

    xx Ashleigh

  12. I love the owls! I have started a collection of antique owls and deer. I always love finding a new treasure to add to my collection.

  13. Hi! I thought of your typewriter find from this blog today:
    Scroll on down and see it featured at this couples wedding!
    You probably know about it, but I thought I'd share anyway :)

    1. Michelle -- Thanks so much for sharing!! I hadn't seen that yet. It looks so so beautiful in her wedding! Ah!

  14. swooning over the typewriter and giggling over the pyrex bowls because my mom has that exact set! i grew up stirring goodies in it :)

  15. Scott Antiques isn't annual; it's always the second weekend of every month. Just FYI. I'm definitely going this next time around.