Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm so thankful for this long weekend! On Saturday, as part of my Christmas, Jon took me to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. It's an annual antique show that is only around for a few weekends, so there are a TON of booths, and bus loads of people. I scored a couple of great pieces and also picked up some amazing finds at a local antique mall today. I'll have to share pictures on the blog this week! This weekend is also my mother-in-law and dad's birthday, so we've been doing little birthday celebrations and spending some time with our family.

Tomorrow, we get a day off, so I'm definitely hoping to get some cleaning done and possibly prep a DIY for later this week. :)

Snapshot of the Week: A few of my favorite things.

5 Favorite Blog Posts of the Week:
* Maps, Globes & Telescopes by Sincerely, Kinsey
* Less Fuss Memory Keeping by The Tiny Twig
* Embellished Tee DIY by OhRenee*Design
* Bridesmaids Hues & Hems by Pulchritude//Fest
* The Art of Planning by Pie N' the Sky

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Tiny Twig - Inspiring women to create lives of more passion and less fuss. Just read her "No Brainer Wardrobe" e-book and LOVED it. Fantastic blog.

Inspiring me this Week:
* The No Brainer Wardrobe - As mentioned above. All about getting dressed with more confidence and less fuss.

3 Things About your Truly:
* I never have cash on me.
* My legal middle name is just the letter "K"; it doesn't stand for anything. :)
* I prefer parking to the right. I am seriously a horrible lefty parker.


  1. My little sisters are twins and their middle names are "A" and "B"


  2. What nail polish is that? Love it!

  3. @Matt and Leah --> It's Milani nail polish from target in a grey glitter. :)

  4. Love love love your weekly wrap-ups! I'm going to have to invest in that polish-- it's fantastic.

  5. love the sparkly nail polish!

  6. The antique show sounds like a dream! I need to start finding out more about things like that i my town. Love all the sparkly glitter!

  7. Yes my brothers middle name is R!

  8. looove the weekly wrap ups. i am all about glittery, sparkly nail polish right now. it's kind of becoming a thing.

    also? i thought i was the only one who had a preference when it came to parking to the right or to the left. i'm a horrible parker when i try to park to the right. i can only make it between the lines when i pull in to the left.

  9. Lol @ the letter "K". That's hilarious.

    You have a nice blog! If you'd like to be on my blogroll, let me know, because I'll need a button with a specific size. :)

    Take care!

  10. Such a fun post! I'm definitely going to be checking out those blogs you linked to...and that is so cool that your middle name is just K!

  11. The letter 'K'? I've never heard anything like it, but that's awesome! I will drive for hours and pay far too much money just to find somewhere I don't have to parallel park - I cannot do it for the life of me. I guess that's a bit worse than not being able to park left...
    Sounds like a brilliant week(end)!

  12. Those glitter shoes are darling! xo, rv

  13. I love those sparkly shoes!!!

  14. Anonymous16.1.12

    Love love love the polish and shoes! I'm a glitter whore. :)

  15. Your glitter nails are SO PRETTY! I never have cash on me's a blessing and a curse sometimes.

  16. Girl, thanks so much for including me with so many other lovelies!!!!!! I'm totally honored!!! Have a GREAT week! :)