Sunday, January 29, 2012


This weekend, we spent Friday night having a get-together at our place and played "the game of things," which is now my new favorite game. :) On Saturday, Jenny and I got together for coffee and then spent a couple hours, inspired by the "No Brainer Wardrobe", purging her closet. We ended up collecting 7 trash bags full of clothes to donate to Goodwill! And today, Jon and I became an official member of our church! We've been attending since we got married, but finally made it official today. :) AND we moved in our new roommate for 8 months.

We are still living in our quaint two-bedroom, but are planning to literally move across the hall to a three-bedroom in a couple weeks to make more room for Glenn. When our apartment lease goes up at the end of September, we hope to move into a rental house for a little while. THUS the two moves I mentioned in previous posts. :) 

Snapshot of the Week: An instagram picture I shot after work on Friday. I. LOVE. Weekends. :) 

5 Favorite Posts this Week:
* February Photo-a-Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim 
* Alt Summit Highlights by DesignLoveFest
* Chalkboard Mug Restyle by Amy Morby 
* Adding a Crochet Edge to Paper by One Sheepish Girl 

Favorite Blog of the Week:
Oh My Deer -- Chelsea is an extremely talented artist and does the most beautiful lettering. She designed my tattoo and also did some exciting new work for MaieDae. To be revealed soon!! 

Inspiring me this Week:
Tabitha Emma -- This girl can design! I love all of her work. :) 

3 Things About Yours Truly: 
* Currently watching: "Firefly".
* I get travel anxiety.
* Attending a marriage retreat with Jon next weekend! 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Attending a marriage retreat sounds like so much fun. Have a great time. I hope you learn a lot. xo, rv

  2. a marriage retreat sounds like a lot of fun! & i love your currently watching. i'm a little obsessed with firefly myself. browncoats!

  3. Anonymous29.1.12

    Congrats on becoming members of your church, that's great! And YAY for clothing purges!! I always feel so much better after those :)

  4. Anonymous30.1.12

    that oh my deer blogg is too cute!

  5. I am very excited to hear you're watching Firefly! Haha, favorite show. I'm a huge 'browncoat'. ;)

  6. Wow! You look gorgeous in that photo! :) Thanks for all the recommendations. xoxo

  7. And oh my deer's blog is so cute! I want her to do my blog header! :)

  8. Loving your fave blog of the week!

    ♥ sécia

  9. Your hair and eyes are so vibrant in that photo! Thanks for the links :)

    ♥ LW