Sunday, January 22, 2012


This weekend we celebrated Jenny's birthday on Friday night with dinner and a movie. On Saturday, Jon and I intended to get up early to get some errands done, but the thunder and sound of rain put us back to sleep for a couple more hours. ;) We spent most of Saturday working out the details on our move in February and taking measurements for a trip to IKEA. Today, we spent the rainy cold day in-doors with family for our Sunday "family day". The next couple weekends are going to be insanely busy with travel, moving, and more travel! But I'm really looking forward to February and to moving into a temporary new space. :)

Snapshot of the Week: This is what it's looked like in Atlanta for the past three days.

5 Favorite Posts this Week:
* Photoshop: Toolbox Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by Pugly Pixel
* DIY: Shapes Business Card by Oh, Hello Friend
* Something in Particular by Design*Sponge
* Typography Crush by My Best Friend Jules
* Hello Adulthood: Buying a Home by Show + Tell

Favorite Blog of the Week:
Sunday Crossbow - Emerald is way adorable and has the cutest sense of affordable and creative style.

Inspiring me this Week:
* Altitude Summit - Seeing all of the tweets, pictures, and updates from the summit this year has me itching to save up and go next year!! Seriously. I gotta go...soo much awesome in one place.

3 Things about Yours Truly:
* I'm thinking about reading The Hunger Games while I'm traveling for work in February. I heard it was really good. :)
* Dyed my hair. Again! Pictures coming this week.
* My sister is 17 and my brother is 19.

How was your week//weekend??

PS - My large solo feature spot for February is still available!! Let me know if you are interested! :)


  1. love all of the links!

    love, rach.

  2. My high school students convinced me to read The Hunger Games and I am all wrapped up in it now!

  3. Hunger Games was well worth read, especially if you're a fan of dystopian reads.

    Great links, and love the rainy-day snapshot! Those kinds of days are my favorite :)

  4. I was skeptical about reading the Hunger Games but I downloaded it on my nook and then had to download the second one in the series as soon as I finished the first! At least you have rain and not snow like we have up here...

  5. the hunger games were amazing. i picked up the first book on a whim in the airport to read on the plane. i couldn't put it down & picked up books 2 & 3 as soon as i could.

  6. It's raining like crazy in LA! Love the typography!

    ♥ sécia

  7. The picture is lovely, and the posts you choose are pretty amazing too!

  8. Sounds like you had a good week. It's been rainy here too which I'm not enjoying. I've been crazy busy with work but managed to fit in a quick trip to London to see friends and visit some museums!