Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Every year after Thanksgiving I look forward to the "a-okay" from my husband to start decorating for Christmas. This year, Jon surprised me with a real tree. We bought a pre-lit tree before we got married and used it for two years, but this year I had my heart set on a real one. We went to a little tree farm in Georgia that our families go to get their trees and picked out our very own. It's beautiful. Just a few glittering lights and a handful of collected ornaments. We love it and so do the cats. ;)

This Christmas is also the first Christmas that we have a fireplace for our stockings! It's probably one of my favorite things about our new place. We set up a fire as often as possible now that the weather is getting cooler. :) For day 5 of Christmas Cheer, Jenny and I wanted to share with you a couple snapshots of our Christmas decorating. I'll be sharing my mantel decorations and Jenny will be sharing her beautiful Christmas tree and DIY tree skirt later today. :) 

When decorating my mantel, I went for a more "neutral Christmas" look. I reused a fall inspired mobile DIY to add some texture to the wall, stuck some candles in a few of my collected bottles, used spare Christmas tree branches to add a touch of nature and a few of my favorite pieces from around the house. 

A couple tips when decorating your home for Christmas:
* Use natural pieces from around your yard or from your tree. I re-used the extra Christmas tree branches all around my condo, cut a couple pieces of holly from outside to decorate, and used some of the pine cones I picked up from work. 
* Candles are an easy way to add warmth to any corner of your home. Since Jon is sensitive to strong scents, I usually stick with the simple white candles and let them sit out alone or put them in decorative candle holders. 
* If you're having a difficult time decorating an area of your home, try decorating it by a color palette and picking things from around your home that compliment that color combination. 
* Once you've decorated a space, step back and see if you like the way it looks as a whole in your room. Maybe take a couple things out or rearrange it until it feels right. My favorite thing to do is to get help from Jenny so another pair of eyes can take a look at it and offer suggestions.
* And most importantly, have fun. :) 

What are some of your holiday decorating tips?? :) Feel free to follow along with my Christmas pin board to get more inspiration AND please share your pin board in the comment section below. :)


  1. So pretty! I am so very jealous of your mantel, the antler resting on it is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Ooo I wish I had a fireplace...I have a very small condo so I choose candles to make some mood lighting and have a mini little tree with small ornaments. I used natural looking pieces similar to what you suggested because it totally makes a big difference! My tip that every inch of space does not have to be decorated. A few great areas is best!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I love how simple and clean your mantle looks!

    I did my own little bit of decorating in my room. I posted about it yesterday over at my blog.

  4. It's lovely! I love simple decorations.
    We have a fireplace in our current home too, and we love it! Fires are so cosy...

  5. Anonymous5.12.12

    your decorations are great Savannah! I'm glad that with your new condo, you've been able to decorate the way you've always wanted (a real Christmas tree). Your holiday decor is very inspiring.

  6. My goodness.
    I'm in l.o.v.e. with these decorations. So gorgeous. Love that mobile for sure. I would love to make one for our little home.


  7. Hi Savannah!

    I just posted my first giveaway on my blog and I thought you might want to enter! I'm giving away a cute little set of needle felted acorn ornaments.

    You can see the giveaway post here:

    Hope you are having a beautiful winter! :)

    – B

  8. Anonymous5.12.12

    I love that mobile! Your whole mantlepiece looks stunning. I'm feeling so inspired and really wishing I had a gorgeous fireplace.

  9. Very nice~ I've been really enjoying the neutral Christmas theme as well. You offered some very creative tips that I'd love to follow for next Christmas. My parents trimmed their tree and threw out the branches - but now, I know better! ;)

    Find my own Christmas pinboard here.

    Happy decorating!
    xo, Adriana.

  10. Nice! :)