Thursday, December 20, 2012


I am a diehard glitter girl at heart. I can't help my love for a little glam, no matter how hard I try...I LOVE sparkles. To me, just a little touch of shine is perfect. Since getting my haircut, I've been thinking about getting a few hair pieces to replace the plain bobby pins I usually use. I love all of the products at Bando. Hair clips, jumbo bobbies, shoe clips, scarfs, jeweled combs...It's an eye feast for any girl with a crush on sparkle. ;)

1// Metallic Mini Pom-Pom Flower 2// Flurry Pouf 3// Glitter Bow Shoe-Clips 4// Good Time Color Riot Comb 5// Flash Bobbi Set 6// Sparkle & Shine Jumbo Bobbi 7// Crystal Crush Bobbi 8// Sparkle & Shine Bobbi Set 9// Up to No Good 

I'm thinking I need some jumbo bobbi's and bow shoe clips in my life. ;)


  1. Yes, you can put some sparkly bobbi pens in Glenn's stockings for me. I am sure he would die when he pulled them out!

  2. Anonymous20.12.12

    Glitter is the best! And it always reminds me of christmas time. I love those clips with the gems on xx

  3. Jewels, sparkles and shiny things!! This is my kind of post :-) I love the bobby pins and the gorgeous head piece. Awesome.

    XO Jenna

  4. Oh we carry Bando at our shop and just love this seasons styles! Sparkle goodness.

  5. Love number 3 and 7!!So cute!