Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I was so excited to be able to reveal my finished dining room space on A Beautiful Mess last week! It's been such an exciting accomplishment to finally finish this room. I've learned so much and overall really felt like keeping my focus on one room at a time helped me complete the space well and love the end results...AND have a completed room!

I've had a couple questions regarding where I purchased some of the items and furniture in my space and I wanted to give a full disclosure post, as well as share a couple extra photos of the finished room! If I missed anything or if you have any questions, please tweet me @maiedae or leave a comment below!

O N  T H E  W A L L
For the artwork, I really wanted to chose pieces that would add color into the room. All of my big pieces are very neutral and I needed something that would pop and add in the interest I was trying to achieve. For the art collage, I tried several combinations of art I already had and new art to see what looked best together. Once my favorite art was selected, I framed everything. I had Jenny help me lay the frames on the floor to create the shape I wanted. What I love about this is that I can easily change out the artwork if I decide I like something better and still keep the same look. In addition to the art collage, I really wanted a statement art piece. I fell in love with The Places in America print and decided to build a statement frame out of wood scraps to add more drama and really make it stand out. I love that Jon and I can record the places we've been and want to go on it with little push-pins. It's a special piece we can continue to enjoy throughout the years. And finally, I wanted to balance out all of the art with something different, so I decided on a handmade papier-mache deer head to hang next to the curtains. It's one of the first things you see when you walk into the room, which is great because I feel like it's a perfect "greeting" piece.

* The Universe - Society6
* Tiny Trees - Renegade Shop in Chicago (now closed, but check out their site)
* I Love My Family - BeauChamping
* Renegade Craft Fair - Renegade Shop in Chicago (now closed, but check out their site)
* Yes Ma'am Print - Jordan Grace Owens
* Green Andy Warhol Car - art.com
* Small Nebula Prints - Elise Mahan Fine Art
* Papier-Mache Deer Head - West Elm
* Places in America Print - You Me & The Royal We
* Wooden Frames - Michael's Craft Store
* America Pallet Frame - Handmade with my father-in-law

T A B L E  A R E A
I knew I wanted a wooden table, and this was actually one of the first purchases we made for the space. I love how the legs face different directions and the coloring is fantastic. I was also set on not having all of the same exact chairs. We started with the metal chairs and then purchased the high-backs when the room was nearly finished. At first I thought that these would go at the head of the table, but in order to balance out the room and still make the art collage visible, we decided on a "benched" look near the windows.

* Metal Tub Chairs - World Market
* Suede High-Backs - World Market
* Blox Wood Table - CB2
* Sheepskin - IKEA
* Faux Deer Antler - Z Gallerie
* Celestial Coasters - Anthropologie

The cabinet was my second furniture piece purchase for the room. Jon and I loved the metal detailing on the doors and the little touch of vintage it added to the room. Jenny helped me decorate the inside with dinnerware and glassware pieces, as well as special items we've collected and been given. I love how it looks sophisticated and also serves as a functional piece.

* Plants - Whole Foods
* Tray under plants - IKEA
* Candle Holders - Target
* Organic Dinner Plates - West Elm
* Vintage Cabinet - Antiqued from Kudzu

R O L L I N G  B U F F E T  T A B L E
I originally envisioned using a bar cart or some other piece of furniture for this space, but after we purchased the cabinet we decided something like a buffet table for serving would be perfect. I created a small bar area and left the rest of the space mostly open on top for meals, snacks and extra drinks when we host get-togethers. It's very practical AND ended up being a great space for my record player and records.

* Console Table - World Market
* Record Player - Crosby Turntables
* Wire Storage Baskets - Urban Outfitters
* Hammered & Copper Bowl - World Market
* Terrarium - Urban Outfitters
* Boyd Owl - Antiqued
* Mirrored Tray - World Market
* Honeycomb Glassware - West Elm

T H E  E X T R A S
* Curtains - Target
* Metal Pipe Curtain Rod - Do It Yourself
* 3-Jar Light - West Elm
* Paint Color - Sherwin Williams  
* Filament Light Bulbs - Restoration Hardware

Overall, the words for this room as I was designing it and picking out pieces were: industrial, a touch of vintage, a little rustic, sophisticated, functional, and comfortable. I feel like we achieved our desires for the space and that it's a perfect combination of Jon and me. I've loved sharing my dining room decorating process with you! To look back on all the brainstorming and the full process click here! Also, be sure to continue following along with my Project Condo posts to see how I decorate my next room!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I came across you blog as it was featured on A Beautiful Mess and loved how you have decorated your place.Good job. But I was wondering where are all this things from. Now I'm informed. :)

    And I will continue reading you blog, it's nice here.


  2. This room is a beautiful collection of things, yet still manages to look extremely livable and comfortable. i love the green kitten art piece. thanks for sharing!


  3. That room is perfect. I wish I could steal it and put it in my house!

  4. Anonymous18.12.12

    This is such a wonderful space, it looks so homely! I can't wait until I have a place of my own to decorate xx


  5. wow what a gorgeous room, everything looks so well put together!

  6. Great project, amazing result, love the art wall especially http://artistandwife.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. so beautiful!


  8. This looks absolutely amazing! Looks as if it came from a magazine.

    <3 Melissa

  9. Anonymous20.12.12

    you did an amazing job Savannah. It really came together nicely and stayed true to your style. Now onto the next room!

  10. Your "project condo" posts inspire me. I plan on making a chandelier similar to the one you purchased. I just love your posts about your home! When you get a chance, pop into my blog and say hi!

  11. i love that you are doing one room at a time!! I get overwhelmed thinking of decorating a whole house that I finish nothing. I am doing this with my house as a new year's resolution! Inspired by you!!