Thursday, December 06, 2012


I love an excuse to dress up. Being in my mid-twenties and working full-time doesn't always provide a lot of opportunities to put on a fun dress and rock a little glitz. During Christmastime, Jon and I end up having a handful of Christmas parties to attend between our two jobs. This year, I've really been leaning towards black and gold for holiday wear. I've always had a soft side for a little shine and glitter. I can't deny it. ;)

Tips on Dressing Up for the Holidays:
* Rock an over-sized scarf, snood, or wrap so you can still show off your outfit and feel warm. I love how Anna of In Honor of Design wears her fur snood for the holidays. Very classic and glamorous.
* Try a sock bun or a new hair-do! This was my first attempt at "sock-bunning". My hair has gotten to that way too long to manage stage so I wanted to try a simple up-do. I was pleased to see that the sock bun didn't look too crazy with naturally curly hair like mine, since I usually see it done with straight hair. This look is easy AND feels dressy. Try your own sock bun here.
* Be yourself. I think sometimes it's a little tricky making your personal sense of style into something more fancy if your personal style isn't too fancy to begin with. Add elements of what you like to your little black dress. Incorporate your favorite pair of shoes, jewelry, and a fun nail color.

Outift Details: 1// Over-sized Scarf - Target 2// Gold Top - Forever21 3// High Low Skirt - American Eagle 4// Gold Dot Tights - American Eagle 5// Leather Boots - c/o Blowfish Shoes 

What are some of your favorite fancy things to wear during the holidays??

Thanks so much for following along with 12 Days of Christmas Cheer!! Jenny will be sharing some outfit inspiration later today on her blog! We are 6 days in and still have 6 days of Christmas Cheer blogging ahead! Follow along on our Facebook page here.


  1. I love your style! Gold and black are one of my favorite color combos!! Your boots and tights are so cute!

    I agree it's very hard to find an occasion to dress up!! I hope you have a great glitzy time at your holiday parties!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Great look, and I want those boots! The whole look works and your hair is an stunning shade that really suites you.

  3. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks but never commented before, so it's time to give it a try !
    I really love your style and all the little things that you share. Your outfit is great, the perfect balance between fancy and comfy. And your hair is perfect ! Does it seem crazy if I say I love your hair ? :)

  4. this outfit goes sooooo well with your beautiful red hair savannah!!!

  5. Anonymous6.12.12

    I love how fun this outfit is while still being classic. You look stunning with the sock bun. I love it!

  6. beautiful pictures, outfit and hair!

  7. You look holiday ready. I love your mix of textures and colors. Very elegant.

  8. Every time you post a picture with your hair I die inside a little. So vibrant and gorgeous. Mine needs to be recolored badly.

  9. Gorgeous! I also love glitz and glitter around the holidays... and anytime of year, haha, but especially the holidays!!! I really adore the gold and black combo you're rockin' and those boots are fantastic!

  10. Your hair colour is just amazing, so striking!

  11. My gosh you are so pretty!! I love this outfit, the polka dot tights and the boots are so cozy. The scarf has a lovely print, so cute!! Love your hair.

    XO Jenna

  12. Gorgeous outfit Savannah! I especially love those tights. So cute! :)