Friday, December 28, 2012


2012 has been a fantastic year. I feel so blessed by all of the memories and new friends made this year. As I've been soaking up the last couple days of the 2012 and taking a little break from work, I've been thinking a lot about next year and what I would like to accomplish and what it will bring. As I was preparing for this post, I took a little time to look back through my entries for 2012. It's so neat to see the year through photographs. It makes me so grateful for this blog and the memories captured here. Here's a couple of my favorite moments from 2012:

1// Started the year with my "thrift-tiquing" challenge and blogged about it throughout the year.
2// Jon and I found out we were going to be first-time aunt and uncle. We're in love with Emerson and so grateful that she is in our lives. A couple months ago, Jessica and Josh asked us if we would be Emerson's godparents. We are so honored!
3// In January, I went RED! It's been my favorite hair color to date. I love being a red-head.
4// Jenny and I started our first of many Pinterest Parties. It's been such an amazing way to meet friends, build community, and have a dedicated time for crafting.
5// Jenny and I launched our new Maiedae website!
6// Celebrated two years of marriage with my sweet husband.
7// Went to Universal Studios with Zach and Leah to celebrate our anniversaries.
8// Got to be part of my best friend's wedding. She made such a beautiful bride and it was an honor to be part of her special day.
9// Jon and I moved into our new home in July!
10// Got the opportunity to be featured in BUST Magazine.
11// Turned twenty-four.
12// Took a mini vacation with our family to Tybee Island.
13// Made a lot of personal health and wellness changes.
14// Went on a double-date with Jon's parents to the symphony.
15// Spent treasured time with new and old friends.
16// Celebrated fall in Georgia with Jon.
17// Was asked to intern at Blogshop Atlanta, met new friends, and learned a lot. :)
18// Took new Maiedae photos with Jenny.
19// Finished decorating my dining room and was featured on ABM.
20// Jon and I hosted our first diner party with friends in our newly finished dining room space.

What are some of your favorite memories from 2012?


  1. wow awesome :) my fav memo was meeting my boyfriend this year :)

  2. This is great! Love it.


  3. I love this Savannah! Here's to an even better 2013! :)

  4. Looks like you had a great year!!


  5. Wow you had a wonderful year and I hope your next year will be even better!


  6. I hope to be in BUST magazine someday! You had an eventful year, my friend! :) I look forward to the day that my blog is as successful as yours, and gain as many friends as you have! I look forward to my 2013 year as a blogstress :)

  7. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome year! Gorgeous photos.


  8. You had a year full of happiness so i wish whether you are still happy :D and I love your hair and the dining room! :D