Sunday, December 09, 2012


This year for our Christmas wreath, I wanted to make something simple, natural, and easy! I'm the type of DIYer that likes quick and simple projects. My favorite type of DIY projects are the ones that only need one picture. :) Since I've really been into the natural look for our home, I decided to make a holiday wreath from plant clipping in our back yard and left-over crafting feathers. After clipping my plant pieces, it took about 5 minutes to put together! I love that you can easily replace the plants with new ones throughout the season to make a quick wreath that looks pretty inside and outside. :)

For day 9 of Christmas Cheer Jenny and I will be sharing with you two different and simple wreath DIYs for the holidays! See Jenny's wreath here later today! Can you believe its already over a week into December? Before we know it we'll be writing 2013 on everything.

S U P P L I E S 1// Branch wreath base. I bought mine from Michael's. I love the traditional round wreath shape but decided to go with this oval shape instead. It's a good shape for plant arrangements. 2// Found objects from around your home and backyard. 3// Floral wire.

S T E P S 1// Arrange objects on your wreath however you like. 2 // Use floral wire to secure anything that's loose. 3// Hang up your new wreath inside or outside! Just make sure it's out of reach of your furry friends, since some plants like holly can be poisonous.

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  1. Anonymous9.12.12

    I love the subtle feathers. This is beautiful.

  2. I recently made my first wreath as well! I kind of love that you chose the oval shape - I would have passed right by it before realizing how beautiful it can come out like yours!

  3. It is so, so pretty!

  4. Love!


  5. I keep telling my man I want a wreath for the door! I love this, you did a great job!